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Parliamentary week in review: Oct 29-Nov2

I will be trying to do a weekly review of mentions in the Canadian parliament of issues that are (or should be) of interest to our community. If one of the MPs in the related discussions is your MP, please write them a letter about the issue.

The House stands adjourned until Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 10 a.m.

Can't afford the Copyright Cartel's big banquet? Join Online Rights Canada for a Balanced Meal instead!

Public interest group Online Rights Canada is hosting a Balanced Meal event to coincide with the big-money/big-copyright/big-media lobbiests event for Sam Bulte.

If politicians take tens of thousands of dollars from the industries they regulate, are independent artists, educators, librarians and the general public really going to get a fair shake? So come out on Thursday, have a bite to eat, and find out how regular Canadians can get a seat at the copyright reform table.

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Toronto area Election Debate: Poverty at Home and Abroad

Celebrated author and UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa Stephen Lewis, journalists Linda McQuaig and John Stackhouse, and anti-poverty activist Josephine Grey will query party representatives on their plans to Make Poverty History through policies of foreign aid, trade, debt and child poverty in Canada. Please read earlier articles about the connection between PCT and poverty issues.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery
100 Queens Park
Queens Park Entrance
January 12, 2006
6:45 PM
Free, seats will be distributed on a first come
first served basis.

To reserve tickets contact info at or call 416.967.1611 ext 221.

Election 2006: St. Paul's

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

St. Paul's / St. Paul's
MP: Hon. Carolyn Bennett (Parliamentary Internet)

285 petitions given to Carolyn Bennett by Julie Federman

Julie Federman posted a message to the Digital Copyright Forum to let us know that she gave the petitions she had collected so far to Carolyn Bennett.

I have just returned from handing my petition over to Carolyn Bennett M.P. She said the petitions will be tabled by another member of the government, because (I guess) she is a minister. My final tally is 285 signatures. I find it interesting to see the improvement in the legislation in comparison to the committee's initial report. This demonstrates the effectiveness and power of lobbying effort and publicity. I feel both happy and fortunate to have been able to contribute to this change. I will continue to work on this issue until it is resolved. Keep fighting the good fight!

Letter to Carolyn Bennett: words from Heritage Minister Frulla upset me more than Gomery inquiry.

I wrote the following letter in the Contact Me form on Carolyn Bennett's website.

I was reading your BLOG from April 15. As someone who is not excited by the Gomery inquiry, and does not believe that this will be worthy of an election regardless of which way it goes, I suspect my views may be of interest. I read the 2003 Auditor General's report where chapter 3 was the sponsorship program, and as an Internet consultant felt that chapter 1 (Government on-line) represented a far larger problem.

Riding of Julie Federman, grade 10 student at the Etobicoke School of the Arts

The riding of St. Paul's is where Julie Federman lives. It may seem unusual for me to be blogging about a single person, but this person is responsible for over a quarter of the signatures received so far for our Petition for Users' Rights. Julie was also able to get a response from her MP, Hon. Carolyn Bennett, indicating that she would be willing to present these petitions to parliament.

Julie attended the Sound Bytes/Sound Rights conference and introduced herself to many influential people in this area of policy, including Sarmite Bulte, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Heritage.

Letters Julie wrote to our forum on December 18 and January 16 puts her story in her own words.

Election 2004: St. Paul's

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