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The Golden Age of Protection

On Dec. 14, Sarmite Bulte expressed her interest in helping reform copyright in the digital era. To demonstrate her point, she invokes our apparent past success in providing broadband network access across this country. Appeals to national pride aside, I figure this sentiment exactly demonstrates the problem in Ms. Bulte's reasoning: that progress will come by supporting minority controlling interests.

Digital copyright reform is necessary to provide a foundation for new business models, broaden access and encourage cultural production. Bill C-60 is NOT the gateway to this new Golden Age. The reform that is Bill C-60 is narrowing, not broadening. This bill would have introduced new forms of protection that only align with existing models of distribution, further cementing a single, traditional, perspective on digital copyright.

Letter to Toronto Star: Little balance in copyright reform

Chris Smith of Toronto send a letter to the Toronto Star:

In her letter, Sarmite Bulte (MP, Parkdale-High Park) is being disingenuous in her description of the Liberal government's copyright reform actions in Bill C-60. That bill, when seen in the recent light of Sony BMG's approach to protecting music copyrights, left average Canadians potentially open to copyright infringement liability if they tried to restore the security of their home computers.

Sarmite Bulte attempts to defend Liberal record on Internet and anti-new media copyright revision

Responding to the article from Mr Geist, incumbent Liberal candidate Sarmite Bulte (Parkdale-High Park, Toronto) sent a letter to the Toronto Star defending the Liberal record on the Internet and Copyright revision.

Geist suggests that the NDP has tried to achieve a "balance" of rights in this debate, but I respectfully suggest that it is not the NDP but this Liberal government that is committed to a balanced reform of copyright legislation. Our government introduced Bill C-60 in the last Parliament, which embodied such a balanced reform

Election 2006: Parkdale--High Park

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Incumbent information

Parkdale–High Park / Parkdale–High Park
MP: Sarmite Bulte (Parliamentary Internet)
Parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Heritage

Bev Oda demands copyright capitulation?

The following was posted by Matthew Skala on his BLOG

In Question Period yesterday, Ms.  Bev Oda (Durham, CPC) demanded that we give in to US pressure on copyright extension.  She may have revealed her actual agenda with her next point:  "when are we going to tighten the borders, Mr.  Speaker?".  I don't think copyright is really what it's all about at all.

Open letter to Sarmite Bulte on Copyright Reform

I printed out and sent the following letter via Canada Post this morning. I hope that it will help to build a positive relationship with Ms. Bulte so that we can help each other build the best Canadian cultural policy in the digital age.

The letter is available in HTML format and in PDF format. (PDF viewers)

CIPPIC/PIAC responds to Bulte Report on Copyright Reform

CIPPIC responds to Bulte Report on Copyright Reform:
Together with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), CIPPIC issued a highly critical response
(PDF) to the Interim Report on Copyright Reform released by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage last month. CIPPIC and PIAC state that the report ignores key evidence and submissions by public interest groups, and lacks reasoning for some key recommendations. They call for rejection of the report and for a more balanced approach to copyright reform in Canada.

Text version follows:

CIPPIC replies: Parkdale--High Park Conservative candidate

Received from Jurij Klufas:

;:In response to your survey!

Music File-sharing: What is your position on the issue of file-sharing in Canada--should it be illegal?


Technological Protection of Copyrighted Materials: What is your position on using legislation to prohibit circumvention of TPMs?


Educational Use of Internet Materials: Do you support an amendment to the Copyright Act to allow for the use of freely available materials on the Internet by participants in an educational program?


ISP Liability for copyright infringement: Should ISPs be protected from liability for copyright infringement when others merely transmit copyrighted materials over their facilities, or when others post copyrighted works on websites that the ISP merely hosts?

Mayor's backing could trigger a west-end upset

There is an article in the May 30 Toronto Star talking about this riding. It specifically mentiones Sarmite "Sam" Bulte, Heritage chair and promoter of the recent Heritage Report.

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