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Fundraiser for Grit MP a 'worry'

This Canadian Press article by Angela Pacienza (via, Macleans, Canoe News, CJAD radio, The Brooks Bulletin, Peggy Nash's campaign site) includes:

The fundraiser also came up at an all-candidates meeting in Bulte's Parkdale-High Park riding Wednesday night with opponents questioning Bulte's ethics.

"If this was the big banks doing this for the finance minister, people would question that," said Peggy Nash, the NDP candidate.

Canada Votes 2006: Ridings of Interest

The following ridings are considered to be of special interest to our community.

Parkdale--High Park
Close race between Peggy Nash and Sarmite Sam Bulte. Ms. Bulte is a close friend of the incumbent foreign intermediaries, and possibility to become the next Heritage Minister if the Liberals form the government. She is seen by our community as one of the greatest threats to Canadian creativity, especially independents and creators using alternative methods of production, distribution and funding. Anyone with ties to this riding should do what they can to support Ms. Nash and ensure that Ms. Bulte does not win her seat.

Timmins--James Bay
Riding of independent writer, broadcaster and musician Charlie Angus. He was also the NDP Heritage critic. It is important that this independent creator, who understands the competitive issues in Copyright, is in the next parliament. He was sent signatures to the Petition for Users Rights which he offered to table for us, but this did not happen before the election was called.

Will you and your party take the "Copyright Pledge"

The following was sent to the leaders of all 15 registered parties, and the candidates in my riding of Ottawa South.

I strongly agree with Michael Geist when he says that the party leaders should take a Copyright Pledge. It would hold that:

No Member of Parliament who has accepted financial contributions or other benefits from (i) a copyright lobby group, (ii) its corporate members, or (iii) senior executives as well as (iv) a copyright collective shall serve as Minister of Canadian Heritage or as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, nor sit on any legislative committee (parliamentary or standing committees) conducting hearings or deliberations on copyright matters.

Pledge comes from Cleaning Up Copyright, by Michael Geist.

Update: Online Rights Canada has an online petition for all Canadians to sign onto to ask politicians to take the pledge.

Canadian MP imports US's worst copyright AND dirty campaign financing

Canadian Science fiction author Cory Doctorow wrote the following on his BLOG about Liberal candidate Sam Bulte.

Canada doesn't have the same sad tradition of corporations buying laws through campaign contributions that the US has, except in Bulte's case. Not only is Bulte importing the worst of the US's failed copyright system (when the best remedy a copyright system can offer to file-sharing is suing fans and putting locks on music, that's a failure), she's also importing the worst of US electoral politics.
Bulte's NDP opponent is Peggy Nash, and from what I hear, she stands a good chance of being elected in Toronto's Parkdale/High Park riding, where I lived for ten years.

Questions to Parkdale--High Park Candidates...

The following was went to Sarmite Sam Bulte (Liberal Party of Canada), Jurij Klufas (Conservative Party of Canada), Peggy Nash (New Democratic Party), Robert L. Rishchynski (Green Party of Canada)

I wrote the following to the candidates in my riding. Since it mentioned the Parkdale--High Park riding, I felt it appropriate to send a copy to the candidates in this riding as well. Please send me responses, and I will post to the BLOG for people in this riding to read. Recent media attention has suggested that there is interest in cultural policy issues as it relates to differences between the views of candidates in the Parkdale--High Park riding.

Election related questions for Ottawa South Candidates

Geist on Bulte scandal: Tipping Point / Campaign Contributions

Michael Geist wrote two recent BLOG entries talking about the Bulte campaign scandal and her willingness to be bought by the foreign content/media intermediaries.

If the amount of blog discussion and private email that I am receiving is any indication, the story about the Sarmite Bulte fundraiser hosted by the leaders of CRIA et al is at a tipping point with the potential to crack into the mainstream political press. There is coverage today from Jack Kapica at the, Pierre Bourque has placed the story on his front page, and I reference it again in my Toronto Star column. I suspect the catalyst was a boingboing posting over the weekend that has generated blog comments here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Copyright is a critical issue to millions of Canadians and the Bulte fundraiser sends an awful message about how the government views the concerns of those people. The Conservatives have made accountability their number one issue and it seems to me that the Bulte fundraiser plays right into their hands.

Update: Prominent coverage from Bourque has generated yet further commentary on the Bulte issue.  For more blog comments, see here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Letter to Peggy Nash: Time to give Bulte the boot!

I vote for the candidate, not for the party, as none of the parties have made clear positions on the issues that are most important to me such as technology law.

I have a strong bias in a few key ridings. I want to ensure that independent musician Charlie Angus is re-elected in his riding, and I want to do what I can to give Sam Bulte the boot. Ms. Bulte has demonstrated no interests in protecting Canadian creators and creativity, and only an interest in protecting the contradictory special interests of (largely foreign) intermediaries such as major labels.

I wrote the following letter to Peggy Nash, who was in fairly close second place last election. I gave her campaign office a call, and if she is as forward-looking on this issue as I think she is I will also be donating to her campaign.

The Benefits of Copyright Reform

A BLOG entry from Michael Geist includes:

While I obviously do not support Henderson' s view of changes to Canadian copyright law nor the efforts to prop up Sam Bulte (both financially and rhetorically) against a tough NDP challenger, I do not think that those concerned with balanced copyright and the interests of Canadian education, consumers, and artists should shy away from reform.

Stealing Christmas

Children learn many of their bad behaviours from adults around them. I can imagine Christmas this year for some...

Children will estimate the number and value of gifts they will receive this year, based on some year when their parents or their friends won the lottery.

They will then carefully count and evaluate all the gifts as they open them.

They will subtract the two and label the difference "theft".

I wonder how close to this tomorrow morning will be for the "Honourable" Sarmite D. Bulte (PC, MP, Parkdale-High Park) and her three children.

Sam Bulte -- yet another Liberal scandal?

In an article appropriately titled That's What Friends Are For, Michael Geist describes just what type of friends Sam Bulte has been keeping, and just what type of legislation they can buy from her.

At $250.00 a person, I have my doubts that many of the artists that Ms. Bulte claims to represent will be present. Instead, it will lobbyists and lobby groups, eagerly handing over their money with the expectation that the real value of the evening will come long after Margo Timmins has finished her set.

While the sponsorship scandal never caught my interest, it is this type of corruption that we really need to clean up. Those in the Toronto area or who have friends in riding should do what they can to help clean up corruption by ensuring that Bulte does not get re-elected. If any politician needs to be targeted by the modern creator community, as we fight for our very survival against the incumbent intermediaries, it is Bulte.

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