Parkdale - High Park

Parkdale--High Park all candidates debates

Wed. January 11 7:30 pm
All Candidates Debate hosted by Bloor West Village Residents Association at Runnymede United Church, Runnymede north or Ardagh. (Runnymede United Church, 432 Runnymede Road)
Thurs. January 12 7:30 pm
All Candidates Debate hosted by Sunnyside Community Association and High Park Residents Association. Location: Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton Collegiate High School, Bloor and Dundas (1515 Bloor Street).
Mon. January 16 7:00 pm
All Candidates Debate hosted by Parkdale Residents Association, Roncesvalles MacDonnell Residents Association, and Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation. Location: Parkdale Collegiate Institute Auditorium, Jamieson and Queen.
Tues. January 17 9:00- 10:00 pm
Goldhawk Live. Parkdale-High Park candidates participate in a live phone-in TV debate (
Wed. January 18 7:00 pm
All Candidates Debate hosted by Westbend Residents Association and Junction Residents Association. Location to be determined.

Please get out and express how you disagree with Bulte's extremist views in favor of intermediaries and against creators and users of creative works (works of the mind).

Nash Questions Bulte Fundraiser Ethics

This press release from Peggy Nash's campaign includes:

"Ms. Bulte needs to understand that her job as a parliamentarian is to work first and foremost in the public interest," said Peggy Nash, NDP candidate for Parkdale- High Park. "Politicians are held to a higher standard than others and the perception of bias is simply not acceptable."

Nash stated that Bulte's activities further reminds voters of Liberal ethical violations that are a serious concern for many Canadians.

Peggy is profiled in the new online local arts magazine Gadzooks!, where she discusses the need for stable arts funding to support a strong cultural sector..

It is Industry, not Heritage, that should form the basis of the "copyright pledge"

The "Copyright Pledge" focused on the Minister of Heritage, Parliamentary Secretaries to the Minister of Heritage, and Heritage Committee members.

The Copyright Act lists the Minister of Industry as the Minister responsible for the act. The Minister of Heritage, Heritage Committee and Heritage department have been given excessive influence over copyright based on the claim that copyright is a form of cultural policy. If this were true, Heritage would not be directly responsible for specific incumbent (largely foreign) industry association interests being allowed to dominate the debate. Heritage is not equipped to deal with the economic issues that are brought before them, and have allowed false statistics and faith-based economic ideologies to direct policy. Heritage is also in a conflict of interest, given they fund a small subset of Canadian society that is affected by copyright.

The Progressive Bloggers "Anti-Endorsement": Defeat Bev Oda and Sam Buite.

This article by "The staff at Progressive Bloggers" includes:

Therefore, the staff at Progressive Bloggers are announcing our opposition to Sam Buite's and Bev Oda's attempts to be re-elected, and we ask the voters of those respective ridings to vote for a candidate who is not beholden to the pro-copyright lobbyists, and to oust them.

Toronto area Election Debate: Poverty at Home and Abroad

Celebrated author and UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa Stephen Lewis, journalists Linda McQuaig and John Stackhouse, and anti-poverty activist Josephine Grey will query party representatives on their plans to Make Poverty History through policies of foreign aid, trade, debt and child poverty in Canada. Please read earlier articles about the connection between PCT and poverty issues.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery
100 Queens Park
Queens Park Entrance
January 12, 2006
6:45 PM
Free, seats will be distributed on a first come
first served basis.

To reserve tickets contact info at or call 416.967.1611 ext 221.

CBC: Liberal MP takes flak for lobbyists' fundraiser

This CBC article includes:

Another critic of Bulte's ties to the industry is the NDP candidate in her riding, Peggy Nash. "Bulte's activities further remind voters of Liberal ethical violations that are a serious concern for many Canadians," Nash said in a statement on her website.

My letter to the editor follows...

Quill & Quire: Bulte and sold

This January BLOG posting on Quill & Quire by "Dan" (Search for "Bulte and sold" as title) includes:

A number of bloggers who watch both politics and cultural matters closely have taken a keen interest in a fundraiser for Toronto Liberal MP Sarmite (Sam) Bulte, who has chaired the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage and the Interim Report on Copyright Reform.

Liberals manipulating all candidates debates..

This BLOG entry includes:

Sarmite Bulte’s campaign manager, throughout the course of the evening, orchestrated and choreographed the way in which Liberal plants in the audience asked questions in order to deflect attention from any topics that would be considered controversial for their candidate and to eat up time by using innocuous questions.

Historian calls Liberal MP's fundraiser a worry

This Canadian Press article via includes:

TORONTO — An upcoming fundraiser by film, video game and music executives for Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte has drawn the ire of a prominent Canadian historian.

Jack Granatstein says the $250-a-plate bash is inappropriate for a politician who could spearhead key changes to copyright law if she is re-elected on Jan. 23.

This article contained the misinformation that what these largely foreign intermediaries are lobbying for is "to tighten copyright rules to curb downloading and CD burning" or that these "groups want the legal power to go after file-sharers through the courts". The fact is that these groups already have this power under the current act, and it is their incompetence at gathering evidence that is the reason why they have lost court cases. These are also not "leaders", but increasingly unnecessary intermediaries between creators and their audiences who are fighting competition and modernization of the industry, not copyright infringement.

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