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Where does Cory Doctorow vote?

With Scam Bulte claiming that her opponents are foreign, such as Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing who has been instrumental in exposing her during this election, we should ask: where does science fiction author Cory Doctorow vote?

His bio states that he "was born in Toronto, Canada, on July 17, 1971. I lived there until I was 29, with the exception of brief stints in Baja California, Mexico and northern Costa Rica.".

Where in Toronto? He was blogging about Bulte just prior to the June 28, 2004 election, where he also noted that "I've cast my absentee ballot, for Olivia Chow". Olivia Chow was running in the riding of Trinity - Spadina, losing by only 805 votes. On the South-Western corner of this riding is Bulte's past riding of Parkdale High-Park. He may not be voting in Bulte's riding, but he is a science fiction author with Canadian citizenship that votes in an adjacent riding.

With Bulte having such close friends salaried by large transnational corporations headquartered in the USA and Europe, I suspect she isn't quite sure of what the concept of "foreign" really is.

Use Google to search BoingBoing for: Bulte to find the many times this author has written about this closed minded and excessively biased (hopefully outgoing) MP.

Can't afford the Copyright Cartel's big banquet? Join Online Rights Canada for a Balanced Meal instead!

Public interest group Online Rights Canada is hosting a Balanced Meal event to coincide with the big-money/big-copyright/big-media lobbiests event for Sam Bulte.

If politicians take tens of thousands of dollars from the industries they regulate, are independent artists, educators, librarians and the general public really going to get a fair shake? So come out on Thursday, have a bite to eat, and find out how regular Canadians can get a seat at the copyright reform table.

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Canadian Democracy in the Age of Blogging: Anatomy of a Campaign Controversy

This article by Toronto lawyer Rob Hyndman discusses some of the politically liberating aspects of online tools such as BLOGS, and the fact that individual citizens can now actively participate in campaigns.

As the issue of Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte’s campaign fundraiser gained attention recently, it rapidly became obvious that blogging and related technologies can have a significant effect on democracy in Canada.

Canadian science fiction author Cory Doctorow referenced in Macleans article on Bulte scandal

Canadian (born in Toronto) science fiction author Cory Doctorow posts a BLOG article talking about a Macleans article about the Bulte scandal that references him.

In supporting stricter copyright laws, Bulte has taken a stand on a highly divisive issue among computer users and artists, groups that make up a significant constituency in her riding. Indeed, one of boingboing's editors, the novelist Cory Doctorow, happens to be a former resident. The attention that blog has given to the fundraising story is one of the reasons the issue has gained such momentum, not only in Canada but internationally. "Her legislative history is an attempt to import the worst elements of the American copyright system to Canada," said Doctorow, who now lives in London, England. "I don't know that she's been bought, I just know that it looks pretty dirty."

Copyright debate gets dirty

The very Orwellian double-speak named "Creators' Copyright Coalition" have a BLOG posting where they claim that the opposition to Bulte's policies are coming from US groups or from "the academic apologists for piracy". See Howard Knopf's comments.

Given their strong opposition to alternative methods of development, distribution and funding of creativity, I find it ironic that they are using the GPL licensed WordPress software for their BLOG. I suspect the extremists in this coalition would call Richard Stallman, the origional author of the GNU General Public License (GPL), a "pirate" and be so out of touch with reality as to believe it.

Letter to Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor candidates

I sent the following to the candidates of Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor

Dear candidates,

I would be interested to hear from all candidates in this riding, and would like to post replies to the section of our website dedicated to Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor

As a member of Heritage Committee in the previous parliament, Scott Simms asked a critically important question of then Heritage Minister Liza Frulla on November 24, 2004.

Quoting from Hansard:

Who speaks for the public?

This Toronto Star article by Michael Geist (Freely available online version) includes:

Industry Canada's Lobbyist Registration Database includes dozens of registered lobbyists for copyright interests. The Canadian Recording Industry Association has five registered lobbyists on its payroll, while Access Copyright's similarly sized contingent of five registered lobbyists even includes former MP Paul Bonwick, a Bulte contributor who worked closely with her on a 2004 copyright report while both served on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

A Web pioneer lays out the drawbacks of American-style copyright laws

Canadian science fiction author Cory Doctorow wrote an article in the Toronto Star which includes:

As well as being a writer, I'm a partner in a copyright-based business whose server is located in Toronto, not far from Bulte's riding. Boing Boing is the daily blog I co-edit; it gets about 1.7 million readers a day. We rely on copyright to protect our income, but we also need copyright to get out of the way when we quote, excerpt and include stills from other websites in the course of reporting on them.

Copyright extremists like Bulte can deliver systems that give large corporations more opportunities to profit from the public, but they never do artists any favours.

BoingBoing reference.

Canadian creators in good company when opposed to Bulte's policies and her friends...

I am a Canadian software and non-software author in very good company, according to Mr. Geist's BLOG

I think it is important to consider the reference to pro-user zealots. I suspect that Ms. Bulte thinks she is talking about little more than a few file sharers who want access to music that, depending on your perspective, is either free or paid for by the private copying levy. This is where she is simply wrong. I obviously don't think those concerned with balanced copyright are zealots, but I know that when she uses this characterization, she is calling the nine justices of the Supreme Court of Canada zealots. She is calling Canadian artists such as Jane Siberry, Matthew Good, Barenaked Ladies, Bob Wiseman (formerly of Blue Rodeo), Charlie Angus, and Neil Leyton zealots. She is calling the provincial ministers of education zealots. She is calling publishers such as Irwin Law and the 19 professors who contributed to In the Public Interest zealots. She is calling historians such as Jack Granatstein a zealot. She is calling the thousands of Canadians who have contributed to Creative Commons Canada zealots. She is calling the hundreds of bloggers and thousands of Internet users who have become engaged on this issue zealots. Indeed, judging by the video, she is calling many of her constituents zealots.

Sam Bulte is Speaking Out Of Turn

This posting by musician Matthew Good includes:

What I would like to do is address this issue from the standpoint of a Canadian musician with regards to someone like Sam Bulte claiming to represent our interests rather than those of the corporate executive.

The most important realization that any Canadian can make about this country’s music industry is that it is almost entirely beholden to foreign parent companies. Now, many of you might be labouring under the false assumption that the primary concern of Canada’s foremost corporate music giants is the promotion and support of domestic artists, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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