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p2pnet: Don't change Canada's IP laws

Articles were posted on before and after the tabling of a batch of petitions on Friday.

Will Canada's Liberal government go the way of its American neighbour, giving the corporate entertainment and communications cartels exclusive control of the way in which digital media are handled online, and having Canada's copyright laws re-written to suit them?

Not if Canadians can help it, and the latest indication of their determination to stop this from happening came yesterday when a Liberal back-bencher handed parliament another batch of signatures from concerned citizens.

Petition press release: Citizen input critical to understanding changes to Copyright Act!

Petition press release:

Citizen input critical to understanding changes to Copyright Act!

Ottawa, May 8, 2004 - The Canadian government has proposed radical
changes to our copyright act, including concepts from the highly
controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the United States. These
changes would regulate the creation and use of information technology such
as those that form the Internet, having a large impact on not only the
economy but the communications rights of citizens. These changes are being
pursued without adequate consultation, and without the government
demonstrating an understanding the negative implications of the proposals
on the rights of creators, users and other citizens.

Are the words of the current Minister of Heritage what the Liberals want to go to election with?

The following letter was sent by Russell McOrmond to the Honourable Liza Frulla, Minister of Canadian Heritage, in reply to a letter received. It was also copied to the "discuss" forum.

Dear Honourable Liza Frulla, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

I would like to thank Luc Rouleau, Director, Ministerial Correspondence Secretariat, for the reply letter dated April 12, 2005. I made that letter publicly available so more Canadians may read the government response:

Letter sent to MPs: high cost and minimal benefit to current Government Copyright proposals

The following cover letter was used in packages sent to a few key MPs.

  • David McGuinty, my MP
  • Hon. Mauril Bélanger, who was previously my MP when I lived in Sandy Hill
  • Hon. Reg Alcock, who I have had many conversations about FLOSS
  • Hon. David Emerson, Minister of Industry, as I believe it would be better for creativity and innovation if Industry Canada took over copyright policy from Heritage

Letter to Ottawa-South members of provincial and federal governments: careful of the stealth transfers.

My letter to Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, begins:

While I appreciate your work to try to get a better deal for our province from the federal government, I believe you should be aware of a proposed stealth transfer. The area of policy I focus my time on is copyright and related technology policy. There is an issue in current copyright revision that amounts to a transfer of additional funds from the province to a federal program that should be being paid for by the federal government.

Letter: Parliament must protect citizens rights in the information age!

Michael Geist's article suggested we contact MPs about Digital Rights Management (DRM, also called "copy protection", or "technological measures that are used by authors in connection with the exercise of their rights"). My letter copied to the Industry and Heritage ministers and critics was copied to the Discuss forum.

Copy of "free culture" given to Ottawa South MP David McGuinty

I have sent out a number of messages offering to give MPs a copy of "free culture" by US law professor Lawrence Lessig. This morning I received a return phone call from Claire of David McGuinty's office who mentioned that the campaign office is being used and is open while what will be the new constituency office is being renovated (the office that was previously used by Hon. John Manley). I walked over and dropped off a copy of "free culture", as well as a printout of an article from Canadian New Media talking about how Newly-named Parliamentary secretary to the minister of Canadian Heritage Sarmite Bulte is wanting to fast-track WIPO ratifying legislation.

CIPPIC replies: Ottawa South Green Party candidate

Received from John Ford:


;:You have sent a survey or questionaire for me to answer or fill out in order to answer questions you may have about Green policy or our stand on specific issues.

;:Due to an incredible amount of attention the Green party and I have received during this campaign, and even before the writ was dropped, my time has been at a premium. I have been, and am still working very long days trying to fulfull all requests, however I only have a couple of part-time volunteers to assist the campaign.

;:I am still trying to answer requests, but my only response is likely to be a one or two paragraph answer, rather than to fill out a detailed survey. I hope to do this by the end of this week, however I am still getting media requests for interviews and for debates which may not leave me enough time before the campaign ends.

CIPPIC replies: Ottawa South Progressive Canadian Party candidate

The following messages were received from Brad Thomson. The first is a response I received after asking about our questions, with the second message being an unsolicited message to me as an Ottawa South constituent. I am publishing these letters with permission.

Letter dated 15 Jun 2004


;:I have had a look at all the material, but confess I don't know what the solutions might be to the problems presented. It is clear that we have some things to deal with, and we need those interested parties to explain themselves, both sides of the various arguments, in an effort to decide what is best.

Undecided Ottawa South Voter looking to get questions answered.

Dear Candidates of Ottawa South,

I am an Internet Consultant who runs an ISP, commercially authors/supports Free/Libre and Open Source Software, and authors/presents public policy positions in related areas of policy. I have spoken to parliamentary committees. I have been hired by MPs to host their websites (including candidates in this election), and have been hired by government departments to offer help on policy. I am the private sector co-coordinator for a group called Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments (GOSLING). I also met my wife on-line.

It is safe to say that much of my social, economic and political life are tied to the free/libre Internet. I am committed to defending it in much the same way as others would fight to protect their country which represents and protects their way of life. Public policy in this area is what is of most concern to me, and thus will be the determining factor for who I will vote for.

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