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Looking at some specific results

Here are the preliminary results for the ridings we were watching closely. There are some very positive outcomes for us, especially in the two top ridings we were watching. This is hopefully an indication of a positive future for creators and users of "works of the mind".

General results from the Library of Parliament.

Parkdale--High Park
Peggy Nash wins the election, unseating Hollywood's member of parliament, Sarmite Sam Bulte.

Timmins--James Bay
Independent writer, broadcaster and musician Charlie Angus retains his seat. This is an important win for Canadian independent creators.

Bev Oda, possibly the new Minister of Heritage.

Jeanne-Le Ber
Liza Frulla, past Heritage Minister, looses her seat.

Connecting with candidates so you can reconnect with your new MP

Last election I had a chance to connect with Mr. McGuinty very early, in fact as soon as I heard that he was seeking the nomination for the riding. This worked out well as a conversation we had before the election was then able to slide right into a conversation after the election.

While I would prefer to just continue that conversation, politics is always uncertain. There is a very close race in Ottawa South between incumbent Mr. McGuinty and the conservative challenger, Mr. Alan Cutler.

On Saturday afternoon I dropped off an envelope with Mr. Cutler's office.

Allan Cutler (Ottawa South,Conservative Party of Canada)

Thank you very much for your email on this important issue and I apologize for the delay in responding to you. As I am sure you can appreciate I am receiving over 100 phone calls and emails each day and I am doing my best to respond to everyone before election day.

On copyright in general, we believe that copyright legislation must create opportunities for Canadian creators to enjoy the fruits of their labour to the greatest possible extent; ensure that the rights of Canadian creators are adequately protected by law; that these rights are balanced with the opportunity for the public to use copyrighted works for teaching, researching and lifelong learning; to continue to allow an individual to make copies of sound recordings of musical works for that person's personal and individual use; and that enforcement is applied fairly and in accordance with international standards.

I'm not sure if this addresses your specific concern or not but hopefully it will be helpful. Thanks again for emailing.

Libs make it tough to like them

The Hill Times published a letter to the editor I sent to them earlier.

While the Liberals don't have policy documents, the party has answered critical technology law questions that The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) asked.

The Liberals started by insulting us on their answer to the first question, entirely dismissing the concerns of many Canadians, including computer and security experts.

Liberals lacking policy platform? On tech issues they are headed the wrong way...

This Hill Times article by Kate Malloy and F. Abbas Rana includes:

Liberal Leader Paul Martin should be taken out of his "bubble," he should be attending rallies to energize party members across the country and many Liberals are angry that the party still doesn't have a policy platform book out yet with six weeks into the campaign and only two weeks to go, say some Liberals.

My letter to the editor:

I live in Ottawa South, and the Liberal party is making it very hard for me if I wanted to vote for incumbent David McGuinty. While the Liberals don't have policy documents, the party has answered critical technology law questions that The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) asked.

The Liberals started by insulted us on their answer to the first question, entirely dismissing the concerns of many Canadians including computer and security experts.

Ottawa South candidates debates

The Canadian Hearing Society has called an all candidates' meeting on the evening of Monday, 9 January at 7:00 p.m. for two hours. The location is the RA Centre next to Billings Bridge.

The Canterbury Community Association has called for an all candidates' meeting for Thursday, 12 January . Candidates and information will be available at 6:00 p.m. with the meeting to start at 7:00 p.m. The location is Hillcrest High School, 1900 Dauphin Road, Ottawa. Phone 733-1755

Rogers Cable will broadcast a pre-recorded all candidates' meeting on

  • Friday, 13 January at 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, 14 January at 3 p.m.
  • Saturday, 21 January at 4 p.m.

The Hunt Club-Riverside Community Centre has called an all candidates¹ meeting on the evening of Tuesday, 17 January from 7:00 p.m. The location is 3320 Paul Anka Drive.

Canada Votes 2006: Ridings of Interest

The following ridings are considered to be of special interest to our community.

Parkdale--High Park
Close race between Peggy Nash and Sarmite Sam Bulte. Ms. Bulte is a close friend of the incumbent foreign intermediaries, and possibility to become the next Heritage Minister if the Liberals form the government. She is seen by our community as one of the greatest threats to Canadian creativity, especially independents and creators using alternative methods of production, distribution and funding. Anyone with ties to this riding should do what they can to support Ms. Nash and ensure that Ms. Bulte does not win her seat.

Timmins--James Bay
Riding of independent writer, broadcaster and musician Charlie Angus. He was also the NDP Heritage critic. It is important that this independent creator, who understands the competitive issues in Copyright, is in the next parliament. He was sent signatures to the Petition for Users Rights which he offered to table for us, but this did not happen before the election was called.

Brad Thomson (Ottawa South, Progressive Canadian Party) answers CIPPIC questions

Do you agree that we need legislation to protect Canadians from harmful technologies like the Sony-BMG rootkit DRM?

Yes. The problems of copying music, for example, have existed since the advent of cassette tapes back in the 1970's. Any infringement upon copyright laws was, and still is, very difficult to detect and police. But if is of course not proper for Sony or anyone else to endanger consumers computers. There are programs that cannot be copied and remain installable, while no danger to the computer exists. The same can be done with music in terms of copying. The copies don't have to work, while the computer does not have to be put in jeopardy.

Election related questions for Ottawa South Candidates

The following was sent to Allan Cutler (Conservative Party of Canada), John Ford (Green Party of Canada), David McGuinty (Liberal Party of Canada), Henri Sader (New Democratic Party), and Brad Thomson (Progressive Canadian Party)

I am an Ottawa South constituent, self-employed Internet consultant, independent software author, and someone who considers technology law issues to be the most important issue in determining who I will vote for.

While CIPPIC has asked the parties a few specific questions, my experience has been that there are greater differences between individual people on these issues than between the parties. Each of the parties has individuals that understand the issues well, and some who do not understand to the point of being dangerous to Canadian creativity and innovation.

Discussing Technology policy issues in Ottawa during election.

Are you interested in meeting with people who are both politically active and interested in technology issues? People that will be talking about copyright, software patents, and other such issues during the election? If you are in the Ottawa area, come join us at the weekly GOSLING gaggle.

We meet some time after 16:30 each Friday at the The Black Bear Pub @ Albert and Bay.

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