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US Tech Workers Give It Up to Democrats. What about Canadians?

When reading an eWeek article by Roy Mark talking about political donations to US presidential candidates, I wondered what would be said in Canada. We don't have a separate executive branch, with our prime Minister simply being the leader of the party that receives the most seats, so an apples-to-apples comparison isn't possible.

Heritage Minister Bev Oda replies to letter about orphaned works.

The following is a letter from Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women. It is dated March 13, 2007, in reply to a letter sent February 2, 2007.

Dear Mr. McOrmond:

Thank you for your correspondence of February 2, 2007, co-addressed to various Members of Parliament, regarding copyright reform in Canada.

I appreciate your further advising me of your views and have carefully noted your comments with respect to this matter. Please be assured that Department of Canadian Heritage are aware of and are monitoring the ongoing study of the orphan works issue in the United States of America.

Media reports wrong: John Baird is the Ottawa Light Rail Killer

I wrote the following letter to the editor this morning in reply to an article by Lee Greenberg of The Ottawa Citizen.

I am getting more and more frustrated by how the media is reporting the Ottawa Light Rail issue. In Thursday's paper Lee Greenberg seemed to be suggesting that it was the City council that killed the project, when in reality it was John Baird who killed the project by refusing to sign the contribution agreement.

While Mr. Baird is costing Ottawa taxpayers huge amounts of money in court fees and the delay in modernizing our transportation system, the Conservatives are pumping money into Toronto. If the media was reporting the Ottawa rail issue property, people would realize the hypocrisy of these pre-election photo opportunities.

Solving the problems around Orphaned Works and copyright terms

The following is a letter that I sent to key members of parliament.

Dear Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage,
Ms Christina Keeper, Liberal Heritage Critic,
M. Maka Kotto, Bloc Heritage Critic,
Mr. Charlie Angus, NDP Heritage Critic,
Mr. David McGuinty, MP for my riding of Ottawa South,

While I often write members of parliament about harmful proposals which take the right to control information technology away from their owners, there are other Copyright related issues which we should also be addressing.

John Baird, Light Rail Killer

A personal post, not related to Copyright -- I have decided that since this is the BLOG I most often publish to that I will use this BLOG even when what I have to say isn't technology law/policy related.

I live in Ottawa South, the riding of the Liberal's newly appointed Environment critic David McGuinty. My city Councillor is Clive Doucet. I don't have a drivers license for largely political reasons, and am a fan of publicly subsidized public transit (and an opponent to publicly subsidized private transit).

An article in The Tyee by Laura Drake discusses the politics behind the Light Rail plan, and its recent failure. While the Charelli plan wasn't my favourite of the options available, I am embarrassed that Ottawa is the Nations capital and yet we don't have efficient (economically and environmentally) public transit. The bus system is a disaster, and even though I have lived here for more than 19 years I still find it easier to get around in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Copyright related communications from Heritage Minister and Chair of Industry Committee

Attached is a letter sent to the 3 named MPs. The staff from the offices of Mr. Rajotte, Mr McGuinty's and the Minister of Canadian Heritage have acknowledge receipt.

(Note to staff receiving this message. Please indicate receipt. Thank you.)

Dear James Rajotte, M.P., Chair of Industry-Science-Technology committee,
Ms. Bev Oda, P.C., M.P., Minister of Heritage,
Mr. David J. McGuinty, M.P. for Ottawa South

I received reply letters from both Mr. Rajotte dated September 27 and, through Mr. McGuinty's office, a letter from Ms. Oda. dated July 7.

Reply letter from Minister of Heritage does not address questions asked.

(Also on p2pnet)

I am posting a text version of a letter that my MP, Mr. David McGuinty, received from Bev Oda's office in response to a question he forwarded from me. It may look familiar to many people, as it seems nearly identical to replies sent to other people. One example is the Appropriation Art coalition which posted a copy of the letter on their website.

The letter from the Minister of Heritage did not address my question. The issue of technical protection measures is not really an issue of copyright at all, but an issue of property rights of owners of technology. This is why we are collecting signatures for the Petition to protect Information Technology property rights, to draw the attention of parliamentarians to this issue.

Letter to the Ontario Minister of Education about software policy.

The following is a letter I wrote to the Ontario Minister of Education, with a copy to my MPP for Ottawa South. (Republished as an article on p2pnet, referenced from,

Dear Hon. Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

Copy to Hon. Dalton McGuinty , Premier, Minister of Research and Innovation, and member for my riding of Ottawa South.

Letter to David McGuinty, MP for Ottawa South

I sent the following letter to my MP, David McGuinty, earlier today. My hope is that it will encourage other people to write similar letters to their MP.

(I am a constituent, and have met with Mr. McGuinty a few times in the past).

Mr McGuinty,

I know you are busy these days, and I have seen your name in the news with the upcoming leadership race.

I would still like to draw your attention to the ongoing policy debates around copyright. While I do not expect that Bill C-60 will return in the new government unchanged, I am told that the Conservatives plan to table a copyright bill soon. There has yet to be inclusive consultations that included more than the legacy industry special interest groups.

David McGuinty considering Liberal party leadership?

This Hill Times article includes:

Two-term Ottawa Liberal MP David McGuinty (Ottawa South, Ont.) did not rule out running for the party's leadership in an interview last week with The Hill Times.

"Right now, I'm working on these ideas [to rebuild the party], to take them forward. Everybody in the Liberal Party has an obligation to stop and think about how this will go forward and I'm really, really trying to raise the profile of the need here to make fundamental changes to the party and its process before we embark upon this journey," said Mr. McGuinty when asked outright if he's interested in running for the party leadership.

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