Ottawa South

Election 2008 debates for Ottawa South

I have created a space for debates being held in Ottawa South during the campaign. Please add anything you have received from candidates. Please also attend.

How one techie is thinking thus far about the Canadian General Election

While I have had party membership in the past, I am currently not a member of any party. I'm a person with a technical background and have spent a lot of volunteer time in the last decade working on public policy in areas of technology law. If you are a fellow technical person looking for some ideas during this election, I'll offer what I'm thinking.

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MP meetings in Vancouver area.

It is great to be monitoring the mailing lists of various Fair Copyright groups, and seeing reports from meetings with MPs.

Recent list messages indicated that Alex Harford met with James Moore (Port Moody - Westwood - Port Coquitlam, Conservative) and Kevin Schut met with Ed Fast (Abbotsford, Conservative). Notes are being posted to a page on their WIKI dedicated to MP meetings.

In my own riding of Ottawa South we haven't yet had our meeting to discuss Bill C-61. I am trying to contact nominated candidates (See WIKI page) for the major parties as I believe it is important for us to include these people as well.

McGuinty takes his telecom fairness message to YouTube

McGuinty discusses the abuse of confusion by telecom companies for marketing, and his Bill C-555.

iPhone welcomed to Canada by massive online protest

An article by Brian Jackson talks about the triple-locked iPhone 3G launch in Canada. It includes mention of my MP, Liberal MP David McGuinty, who has tabled a private members bill, has an online petition in support of it, and has become involved in the politics around the failed wireless market.

Apple iPhone fan promotes McGuinty's C-555 Get Connected Fairly Act

While I would never buy an iPhone as it is locked down against the owner in more ways that I would care to count, I find it interesting that advocates are promoting McGuinty's petition in support of Bill C-555. David McGuinty has an online petition in support of the bill.

Online Petitions > Petition - C-555

My MP has launched a petition that Canadians can sign onto in support of his private members bill.

He has posted more about the issue on his website.

Letter to MPs: IP caucus likely headed in wrong direction

On May 13'th I sent the following letter to Liberal MP Dan McTeague, Conservative MP Gord Brown, Bloc MP Serge Ménard, NDP MP Charlie Angus, my own MP David McGuinty and to the Hill Times. I expected that I would post the letter when I received a reply, but even though the MPs were in their ridings this last week I received absolutely no reply.

I find it disturbing that there is very little about this special interest caucus being disclosed to the public. Unlike a committee where the membership and minutes are disclosed, this group of MPs have been meeting with lobbiests to get a narrow idea of the issues without any possibility of the Canadian public holding them accountable.

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