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Discussing Technology policy issues in Ottawa during election.

Are you interested in meeting with people who are both politically active and interested in technology issues? People that will be talking about copyright, software patents, and other such issues during the election? If you are in the Ottawa area, come join us at the weekly GOSLING gaggle.

We meet some time after 16:30 each Friday at the The Black Bear Pub @ Albert and Bay.

Election 2006: Ottawa Centre

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Ottawa Centre / Ottawa-Centre
MP: Hon. Ed Broadbent (Parliamentary Internet)
NDP Shadow Cabinet: Democracy: Parliamentary, Electoral Reform, and Corporate Accountability, Child Poverty

Ottawa Centre NDP nomination candidates write on Copyright..

The Ottawa Centre NDP are in the process of nominating the candidate that will run in the next election. To date there are four declared candidates : Paul Dewar, Jamey Heath, Shannon Lee Mannion, and Tiffani Murray.

I sent them a message asking for views about copyright, and will post any replies. (One received from Shannon Lee Mannion, one from Tiffani Murray)

Letter follows:

Ed Broadbent’s Announcement to Not Seek Re-election

Ed Broadbent’s Announcement to Not Seek Re-election

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Delivered at the National Press Club

Just over a year ago I asked the citizens of Ottawa Centre for their support. On election night I promised to work hard on their behalf - for affordable housing, light rail urban transit, human rights and child poverty- as well as provide effective assistance to all in need by my constituency office. Action has been taken on all of these: more affordable housing is coming to Ottawa; light rail is on the way; Samsu Mia is a free man; I organized a national conference on child poverty - and over 1200 individuals have been successfully helped by my constituency office.

Celebrate Labour Day with the Ottawa Centre MP....

Celebrate Labour Day with the NDP!

Monday, September 6

Labour Day Parade and Picnic

This may also be a great opportunity to set up a meeting to talk to the Ottawa Center MP about copyright reform. If I go I will be bringing copies of the Software Freedom Day edition of as well as our Petition for Users' Rights. Hopefully many other people from Ottawa Centre will do the same.

CIPPIC replies: Ottawa Centre NDP candidate

Received from the Ed Broadbent Campaign:

;:Dear Mr. McOrmond,

;:We are in the process of answering over twenty questionnaires. Please be assured that yours is on our list and will be answered in time.

;:Many thanks,

;:Ed Broadbent Campaign
;:520 Bronson Ave
;:(613) 232-1888

CIPPIC replies: Ottawa Centre Conservative candidate

Received from Mike Murphy:

;:Hi Philippa

;:Answers to you tech questions I hope they help you and your collogues make your voting decisions.

Music File-sharing: What is your position on the issue of file-sharing in Canada--should it be illegal?

;:File-sharing is one of those disruptive technologies that comes along now and then to challenge the entertainment industry's status quo. For example, the invention of the cassette tape led to the record industry protesting that it would destroy music sales (it didn't). The invention of the VCR led Hollywood to claim that the movie industry would collapse (Hollywood now makes plenty of money from VCR tape and DVD sales). Banning file-sharing would be like banning the VCR; it would just protect business from change at the expense of consumers. In my view it is better for the entertainment industry to develop new business models than to seek government protection. One good example is Apple's iTunes, a legal music downloading service which also allows burning to a CD and limited file-sharing. This service is doing very well.

Response from David Chernushenko, Ottawa Centre, Green Party

1.`Do you believe that the Copyright Act should be seen as a careful balance between the rights of creators and the rights of the public?

;: __yes__

2. Do you believe that the rights of users of copyright material should be preserved in Canadian copyright law? (eg: fair dealing, public domain, home audio recording)

;: __yes__

3. Do you believe the "50 years after author's death" copyright term should be extended, shortened, or left at 50 years? If changed, what term is appropriate to reward creators?

;: __Not sure. Sounds about right to me.__

4. Do you believe that users and their representatives have a vital stake and should be consulted in changing copyright law?

Meeting with Ottawa Center candidates

Ottawa Center has been running their campaign longer than the other ridings as they were already involved in a bi-election starting March 7, 2004.

I attended the first few all-candidates debates for this riding. It was on [April 8 |] hosted by [Friends of Canadian Broadcasting |] and others. I was able to ask a question, but unfortunately this is an area of policy that is not easy to turn into a sound-bite type question. I did talk to Mr Mahoney and Mr. Chernushenko after, and each expressed an interest to talk more.

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