MPs Not Running In Next Election: 25

According to the Hill Times, the following current MPs will not be running in next election. There are 7 vacancies expected by end of summer, with 5 after byelection. Many believe that narrow partisan reasons were used to not call the remaining 5 byelections to happen at the same time.

Belinda Stronach and others not seeking re-election

A Toronto Star article by Laura Bobak indicates that Belinda Stronach is returning to Magna.

Stronach is leaving federal politics to return to the equally turbulent auto sector before the next federal election, which observers speculate could come as early as this spring.

Add to this the 17 MPs previously announced as not running, as well as the following additional 4 MPs announced in this week's Hill Times.

Belinda Stronach and Patents

The following is a letter I wrote to Ms. Stronach in response to words she uttered in Parliament regarding technology and patents.

Dear Ms. Stronach,

I am a member of your constituency and an Ontario licensed Professional Engineer. I am currently working at developing new high technology products. Your following words from Hansard on October 25 were recently brought to my attention.

“Mr. Speaker, last week, the World Intellectual Property Organization released its annual report containing a bleak measure of Canada's international competitiveness.

Patents show our strength at turning our research and development into commercial success and indicate where the new jobs will come from.

Can't afford the Copyright Cartel's big banquet? Join Online Rights Canada for a Balanced Meal instead!

Public interest group Online Rights Canada is hosting a Balanced Meal event to coincide with the big-money/big-copyright/big-media lobbiests event for Sam Bulte.

If politicians take tens of thousands of dollars from the industries they regulate, are independent artists, educators, librarians and the general public really going to get a fair shake? So come out on Thursday, have a bite to eat, and find out how regular Canadians can get a seat at the copyright reform table.

Covered by: p2pnet

Toronto area Election Debate: Poverty at Home and Abroad

Celebrated author and UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa Stephen Lewis, journalists Linda McQuaig and John Stackhouse, and anti-poverty activist Josephine Grey will query party representatives on their plans to Make Poverty History through policies of foreign aid, trade, debt and child poverty in Canada. Please read earlier articles about the connection between PCT and poverty issues.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery
100 Queens Park
Queens Park Entrance
January 12, 2006
6:45 PM
Free, seats will be distributed on a first come
first served basis.

To reserve tickets contact info at or call 416.967.1611 ext 221.

Election 2006: Newmarket--Aurora

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Newmarket–Aurora / Newmarket–Aurora
MP: Belinda Stronach (Parliamentary Internet)
Previously a member of Conservative shadow cabinet for International Trade

As of May 17, 2005 she joined the Liberals as the new Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

Congratulations to Belinda Stronach on her new cabinet position.

The following letter was sent in e-mail to Belinda Stronach.

I wanted to send a quick note to congratulate you on your decision to cross the floor, accept the position as Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and help avoid an early election. Whatever the slinging between the various parties in the house, I am yet another person that doesn't believe an early election would help.

Unfortunately not having an election might mean that the copyright-related legislation that the Liberal government has been moving towards will be tabled sooner. This proposed legislation tries to put the Internet genie back in the bottle using protectionist policy in favor of legacy old-media companies against new-market/new-media competition. These are policy proposals from the USA, laundered through WIPO, where these policies are highly controversial within the USA and worldwide.

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