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Hon. Joseph Fontana is set to resign his federal parliament seat

The Hon. Joseph Fontana is set to resign his federal parliament seat to run to become the mayor of London. Mr. Fontana became known by our community when his staff hosted an Open Source event on the hill.

The London Free Press indicated that, "Fontana said he will formally announce his resignation from Parliament after the next session opens Sept. 18, then return to London to file his nomination papers and officially kick off his campaign."

Another article in the London Free Press speculates about candidates in the byelection that would result.

The Hon. Joe Fontana, P.C., M.P., hosts Open Source event on Parliament Hill

It is great to see that some members of parliament are taking the time to learn more about FLOSS. While this introduction to the event focuses on using FLOSS to save money, it also provides an opening to discuss some of the policy issues facing our part of the software sector.

I am including below a letter I wrote to the MPs office introducing myself. I also sent a letter to my own MP's office informing them about the event and requesting that they go. In my case my MP is well aware of my interest in FLOSS as a practitioner and a policy person. I recommend that other people reading this write a letter to their MP as well, forwarding the invitation information and quickly informing them why it is important to you as a constituent that they be informed about FLOSS.

Stephen Maynard (London North Centre, NDP)

Your questions and the information you provided with them raise a number of complex points. I will be seeking further information and considering those issues in more depth. Should I be elected, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your position in more detail and learn more about the policies you would recommend for consideration.

Stephen Maynard

Stephen Maynard NDP Campaign
809 Dundas St. at Rectory
London ON
N5W 5P6

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