Tom king continues to push the copyright issue as an issue for the guelph by-election.


GUELPH – NDP candidate for Guelph and author Tom King will be in Toronto on July 24, 2008 to meet with regional artists, activists and academics who are opposed to the Conservatives’ Bill C-61. The event, which is being held at the Edward Day Art Gallery, will look at strategies for opposing the U.S.-style copyright legislation.

Liberal party finances may mean 3 rather than 4 by-elections

An article by John Ivison for the National Post discusses the latest speculation about when by-elections might be called. It suggests by-elections in Guelph, Westmount--Ville-Marie, and Saint Lambert will be called on July 20 with a vote set for Monday, September 8.

John Godfrey, the Liberal MP for Don Valley West, is not going to resign until August 1. Speculation is that this is because the Liberals are too cash-strapped to have 4 by-elections at the same time. If this is true, how can they afford a general election?

Canada’s Copyright party is … the NDP?

In many of the comments about Bill C-61 on BLOGS all across Canada you can hear people saying that all the parties are the same, and that we need a Canadian Pirate Party. The Pirate Party (Swedish: Piratpartiet) is a political party in Sweden that focus on one issue: reforming of so-called "Intellectual Property" laws such as patent, copyright, trademark and other related laws (also called PCT) to better integrate with a modern technological and participatory society.

There is, however, something exciting happening in one party that warrants a closer look for those who think fair copyright reform is important, and that is the NDP.

Read full article on p2pnet >>

See also: Copyright in Canada by Jon Newton which hilights a number of related articles.

Tom King to make Copyright Fairness a by-election issue

Just received the following press release: Guelph residents’ voice must be heard in fight for copyright fairness for Canadian artists and consumers

GUELPH – NDP candidate Tom King today pledged to raise controversial changes to Canada’s copyright laws as an election issue in the upcoming Guelph by-election. King, a longtime artist and writer, fears that Conservative’s controversial Bill C-61 will reward U.S. corporate lobby efforts, while punishing Canadian artists and consumers.

Guelph byelection expected soon.

At the Fair Copyright gathering last week there was discussion of byelections this summer which could be an important place for the Copyright debate. Past Guelph MP, Hon. Brenda Chamberlain (Liberal) resigned as of April 7.

While the Elections Canada nomination database might be outdated, it lists the following candidates.

Michael Geist: The Copyright MPs

Michael Geist has identified a group of 27 MPs (nine percent of all MPs) who share two key attributes - they won their riding by 10 percent or less in the last election and their riding is home to a university. The combination is important since it is these MPs - not the very safe Jim Prentice - who will face the consequences of the Prentice bill that will harm a generation well versed in digital technologies, social networks, and the Internet.

MPs Not Running In Next Election: 25

According to the Hill Times, the following current MPs will not be running in next election. There are 7 vacancies expected by end of summer, with 5 after byelection. Many believe that narrow partisan reasons were used to not call the remaining 5 byelections to happen at the same time.

MPs retiring and Vacant seats

Hill Times reporter Abbas Rana provided a table in this week's Hill Times listing the 15 MPs that have already announced they will not be running in the next election, as well as the 2 vacant seats.

1. Liberal MP Ray Ronin (Nickel Belt)
2. Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain (Guelph)
3. Liberal MP Stephen Owen (Vancouver Quadra)
4. Liberal MP Bill Graham (Toronto Centre)
5. Liberal MP Paul Martin (LaSalle-Emard)
6. Liberal MP Nancy Karetak-Lindell (Nunavut)
7. Liberal MP Andy Scott (Fredericton)
8. Liberal MP Paul Steckle (Huron-Bruce)
9. Liberal MP Joe McGuire (Egmont)
10. Liberal MP Jim Peterson (Willowdale)
11. Conservative MP Brian Fritzpatrick (Prince Albert)
12. Conservative MP Ken Epp (Edmonton-Sherwood Park)
13. Conservative MP John Williams (Edmonton-St. Albert)
14. Conservative MP Normal Doyle (St. John's East)
15. NDP MP Bill Blaikie (Elmwood-Transcona)

Vacant seats:

1. Bloc MP Yvan Loubier (Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot)
2. Liberal MP Jean Lapierre (Outremont)

Joseph R. (Joe) Comuzzi (Thunder Bay--Superior North) is expected not to run, but has not yet made an announcement.

Election 2006: Guelph

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Guelph / Guelph
MP: Hon. Brenda Chamberlain (Parliamentary Internet)

CIPPIC replies: Guelph NDP candidate

Received from Alan Pickersgill, Campaign Manager for Phil Allt

;:Thank you for sending us this questionnaire. Considering the large volume we receive, we prefer to refer them to our central campaign staff in Ottawa.


;:Alan Pickersgill
;:Campaign Manager,

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