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There have been a number of ideas that have been bumping around my head the past few weeks that need to be pushed out onto this BLOG after listening to This Week in Tech Episode #92. The episode was about user generated content, which included the Vancouver based hosts of the Tiki Bar. What they were talking about reminded me of my recent meeting with the Honourable Hedy Fry, the Member of Parliament for Vancouver Center.

Federal Ministers, students, educators and experts gather to discuss impact of technology on society

A Univesity of Ottawa Press release discusses The Dialogue on Technology, Society and the Future event tomorrow (March 20, 2007) at 6 p.m.

The University of Ottawa is proud to host the first-ever Dialogue on Technology, Society and the Future in partnership with Telus. Led by honourary co-chairs, Industry Minister Maxime Bernier and Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women Bev Oda, the dialogue will help to unlock students' imaginations, expand their horizons, and encourage them to pose compelling questions about technology and its impact on everyday life.

Heritage Minister Bev Oda replies to letter about orphaned works.

The following is a letter from Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women. It is dated March 13, 2007, in reply to a letter sent February 2, 2007.

Dear Mr. McOrmond:

Thank you for your correspondence of February 2, 2007, co-addressed to various Members of Parliament, regarding copyright reform in Canada.

I appreciate your further advising me of your views and have carefully noted your comments with respect to this matter. Please be assured that Department of Canadian Heritage are aware of and are monitoring the ongoing study of the orphan works issue in the United States of America.

Limo expense flap hits popular website

Jeff Hayward of the Duram Region News wrote about a new YouTube music video called " Oh, Bev Oda" that sings about the Limo costs to taxpayers.

I find it exciting that songs are being written and performed to speak directly about politicians and the politics of the day. Rather than just being an insider joke like in the past, now these performances can be made available to very large audiences!

Oda pledges continued support of UN diversity initiative

A CBC arts article discusses the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.

The federal government will continue promoting a UNESCO convention designed to protect cultural diversity worldwide, a project ratified by the former Liberal government in 2005.

"We are committed to playing an active role in implementing the convention," Heritage Minister Bev Oda said in a statement Monday.

Part of the discussion was the opposition by the USA to this treaty, and how Canada and France were some of its strongest proponents. I wonder if this work will ever be followed up upon, with this UNESCO treaty standing in strong contrast with the protectionism for specialized business models encoded within the 1996 WIPO treaties.

Given Quebec's support for the UNESCO treaty, I winder what the real thoughts are on the conflicting 1996 WIPO treaties?

Toronto Star: TV fund money really belongs to us

A Toronto Star article by Antonia Zerbisias offers an interesting perspective on the Canadian Television Fund issue that has been brought to the foreground. While I believe that such funds are appropriate to achieve important public policy goals, the funding mechanism may not be the best one.

Of interest is the clarification of just how much current Heritage Minister Bev Oda knows about the file:

What's more, Heritage Minister Bev Oda – who last week renewed the government's commitment to the fund to the tune of $200 million over two years – knows it.

Here's the thing: as I pointed out here last week, when the fund was created she was a member of the CRTC.

Solving the problems around Orphaned Works and copyright terms

The following is a letter that I sent to key members of parliament.

Dear Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage,
Ms Christina Keeper, Liberal Heritage Critic,
M. Maka Kotto, Bloc Heritage Critic,
Mr. Charlie Angus, NDP Heritage Critic,
Mr. David McGuinty, MP for my riding of Ottawa South,

While I often write members of parliament about harmful proposals which take the right to control information technology away from their owners, there are other Copyright related issues which we should also be addressing.

Konrad von Finckenstein appointed as CRTC chair.

Justice Konrad von Finckenstein, the Judge that became well known in our community from the BMG v. Doe case, has been appointment by Heritage Minister Bev Oda. as Chairperson of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

I'm hopefully optimistic that Mr. Finckenstein's experience with competition policy, and the analysis of new media demonstrated in the BMG case, can counter some of the anti-free-market forces from current Industry Minister Bernier. Each of them may talk about the positive influence of "market forces", but like when you hear a technical person talking to a recording industry executive about "DRM", they are clearly talking about entirely different things.

Foreign labels represented by CRIA have "Unparalleled Access" to Minister Bev Oda

Michael Giest has another exposition of some of the corruption that is part of the Copyright revision debate.

This represents an incredible amount of access, particularly considering the unwillingness of the Minister or her staff to even meet with groups representing Canadian artists. With literally monthly private meetings this spring between the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the President of the Canadian Recording Industry Association is it any wonder that Canadians are skeptical about whether their interests will be addressed in the next copyright bill?

Slyck: Bev Oda and Maxime Bernier Keep Their Positions

An article by Drew Wilson on Slyck talks about how the Heritage and Industry Ministers weren't changed in the recent cabinet shuffle.

I was speculating about the same issue before the shuffle, recognizing that we need to spend more time to reach the committee chairs for Heritage and Industry.

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