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Election 2006: Carleton - Mississippi Mills

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Carleton–Lanark / Carleton–Lanark
MP: Gordon O'Connor (Parliamentary Internet)

Gordon O'Connor replies to constituent questions about Bill C-60

A resident of Stittsville, Charles McDonald, received a reply to a letter he sent to his MP about Bill C-60.

At this point, the Bill has only passed First Reading and will not to come up for Second Reading until this fall. The Official Opposition is currently examining this bill. Mr. O'Connor will review the implications of this bill with Bev Oda, the Official Opposition Heritage Critic, prior to the Second Reading. In the meantime I will inform Mr. O'Connor of your concerns on the implications of this bill on the free market and business innovation.

CIPPIC replies: Carleton--Lanark Liberal candidate

;:June 7, 2004

;:Ms. Philippa Lawson
;:Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest ;:Clinic (CIPPIC)
;:University of Ottawa

;:Dear Ms. Lawson,

;:Enclosed, please find the response to your questionnaire.

;:Thank you for your recent email concerning issues related to the Internet and new technologies. As you pointed out the expansion of copyright law in the digital domain, sharing of music files, the growth of spam and the impact of new national security measures are all important current issues.

;:The Liberal Government considers copyright reform to be extremely important, and has been working for at least seven years on copyright changes required to adapt to the current economic, social, technological, and international environment.

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