Cambridge MP Hon. Gary Goodyear, P.C. reply on C-11

Copied from a post to the Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook group.

Dear Ms. Gwynne,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your concerns with The Copyright Modernization Act. I am always happy to respond to the questions and concerns of my constituents.

Recognizing the critical role a modern copyright regime plays in Canada’s digital economy, the Government of Canada is delivering on its commitment to introduce and seek swift passage of copyright legislation that balances the needs of creators and users.

Semi-new cabinet

The new cabinet has been announced (CBC, The key members of cabinet for technology law are as follows:

Christian Paradis (Mégantic--L'Érable), the previous Minister of Natural Resources, is now the Minister of Industry.

Ed Fast (Abbotsford), who was one of the MPs in the C-32 committee, is the Minister of International Trade.

James Moore (Port Moody--Westwood--Port Coquitlam) remains the Minister of Canadian Heritage, and Gary Goodyear (Cambridge) remains the Minister of State (Science and Technology).

Science and Technology minister

A Hill Times article discussing the new cabinet included the following:

Insiders said last week as well that Industry Canada may be split into two departments, one focused on innovation and science and technology and the other remaining Industry, making way for a full Science and Technology minister, rather than a secretary of state

My first thought: about time.

Minister Goodyear's office threatens federal budget funding for SSHRC

OTTAWA, Sept. 28 /CNW Telbec/ - Minister Gary Goodyear's office threatened to withhold federal budget funding for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) over its decision to fund a controversial academic conference, according to an email obtained by CAUT through Access to Information.

Read press release: Newswire, CAUT

Mr Goodyear is currently the Minister of State (Science and Technology), a critical cabinet position for those of us concerned about science and technology policy. Threatening funding for research councils is serious stuff.

Election 2006: Cambridge

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