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Garth Turner: copyright law everyone hates

Some interesting notes in an article on Garth Turner's blog:

And for a half hour before the main event, Dion and I met with three or four dozen bloggers, where he fielded questions on everything from a current right-wing assault on the Supreme Court to the copyright law everyone hates. Although I would not call him a digital guy, he clearly understands the power of the medium to reach increasing numbers of voters and citizens. Most importantly, as I mentioned yesterday, my very relationship with this man is worth marking. Harper read my blog and threw me out. Dion reads it, and asks us all in.

Hat tip to Michael Geist.

Fair Copyright Montreal

The Montreal group has a great WIKI set up at This is an exciting trend to see, as it will allow people in the area to better coordinate with their neighbours to talk to their neighbours and their own elected representatives.

Message to a facebook friend, Mr. Dion

I posted the following to the discussion forum hosted by Mr Stéphane Dion on Facebook.

I am the host of , and was also the host of

Bill C-61 is the current Conservative Copyright Bill, and Bill C-60 was the Liberal bill tabled in 2005 which was dropped from the order paper when the election was called.

While I disagreed with the direction of both bills, the Liberal bill was far more balanced than the Conservative bill.

Letter to Honourable Stéphane Dion, Leader of the Official Opposition: Ideas for Canada

Date: December 19, 2006
Dear Honourable Stéphane Dion,
Official Leader of the Opposition

Copy to David McGuinty, my MP for Ottawa-South,

Your bulk letter from the party suggested people should send you their comments and ideas for Canada. I live in the riding of Ottawa-South, and have been an activist for ideas that directly or indirectly relate to what you call your three-pillared approach.

Most recently my time has been dedicated to cultural and innovation policy, including patents, copyrights and trademarks. I'm part of the international movement that supports what people at the UN call "open collaborative methods to produce public goods".

Election 2006: Saint-Laurent -- Cartierville

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Saint-Laurent--Cartierville / Saint-Laurent--Cartierville
MP: Hon. Stéphane Dion (Parliamentary Internet)
Minister of the Environment

July 3rd 2005 in Montreal: Copyright and you

Copyright 2005: Sunday afternoon, July 3rd 2005. A presentation of FACIL, Koumbit and LabCMO.

About fifteen kiosks hosted by local and not so local Free Culture enthusiasts such as Debian, FreeCulture, KDE, île sans fil, Savoir Faire Linux; a press conference announcing the Semaine québécoise de l'informatique libre, a Free Software week; a Richard Stallman presentation on copyright; and finally, the answers to all your questions with Russell McOrmond (Flora), Daniel Pascot (Laval University) and Marcus Bornfreund (Ottawa University), responsible for the canadian adaptation of the Creative Commons licenses.

Montreal area MPs

The Saturday conversation in Montreal was great. Many of the participants seemed interested in working together to help to educate the public and members of parliament on copyright and related issues. We created a Montreal-specific mailing list to continue discussions.

Montreal is an important area as you have both the Heritage Minister and the Prime Minister there, members of Heritage committee, and the leader of the Bloc.

One thing that would be very helpful is if people in the area could go to the information page for their riding and post something about the local MP. This may help encourage others in the area to get involved as well.

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