Results from by-elections: London North Centre and Repentigny

By-elections were called in Repentigny (Quebec) and London North Centre (Ontario) for November 27, 2006. The ridings returned the candidate from the incumbent party in both cases.

Preliminary Results follow

2006 By-elections: November 27, 2006

By-elections have been called in Repentigny (Quebec) and London North Centre (Ontario) for November 27, 2006. Close of nominations for candidates was November 6, 2006.

London North Center

Will Arlow (Canadian Action Party)
Robert Ede (Independent)
Dianne Haskett (Conservative Party of Canada)
Steve Hunter (Progressive Canadian Party)
Elizabeth May (Leader of the Green Party of Canada)
Glen Pearson (Liberal Party of Canada)
Megan Walker (New Democratic Party)


Mahmood Raza Baig (Canadian Action Party)
Réjean Bellemare (New Democratic Party)
Stéphane Bourgon (Conservative Party of Canada)
Raymond Gravel (Bloc Québécois)
Jocelyne Leduc (Independent)
Régent Millette (Independent)
Christian Turenne (Liberal Party of Canada)

Statement by the Prime Minister on the death of Benoît Sauvageau

August 28, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today upon learning of the death of Benoît Sauvageau, Member of Parliament for Repentigny.

"On behalf of the Government of Canada, I wish to express my sincere condolences to the family, friends and House of Commons colleagues of Mr Benoît Sauvageau, who tragically died today.

“I know the prayers and thoughts of all Parliamentarians are with his loved ones during this sad and difficult time.

“Mr Sauvageau was proud of his Francophone roots, and was a dedicated MP who served his constituents well. He was appreciated by his colleagues for his integrity and human values and he will be missed."

Election 2006: Repentigny

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Repentigny / Repentigny
MP: Benoît Sauvageau (Parliamentary Internet)
Bloc critic: Public Accounts, Treasury Board

Election 2004: Repentigny

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