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Bill C-11 house debate day 3

On November 14, 2011 we had the third time when the House of Commons debated Bill C-11 (at Second Reading).

The most notable aspect of the debate for me is how the Conservatives are going out of their way to conflate the WIPO Paracopyright provisions (tied to infringing purposes, no restriction on circumvention tools, etc) and the non-WIPO (beyond-WIPO) Paracopyright provisions.

Hon. Jay Hill retirement party

Hon. Jay Hill (MP for Prince George - Peace River) had a retirement party at the Parliament Pub this evening, coinciding with our weekly GOSLING gaggle. It was interesting to see so many MPs with familiar faces in the pub (Speaker Hon. Peter Milliken, Hon. John Baird, James Rajotte to name a few).

We now have 5th ridings without MPs that we may be looking forward to bi-elections in: 3 mentioned in the past, Hon. Jay Hill, and Bloc Quebecois MP Jean-Yves Roy (Haute-Gaspésie—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia).

Parliamentary week in review: Nov 19-23, Nov 26-30

Previous reviews: Nov 13-16, Oct 29-Nov2.

Nothing interesting to report for the week of November 19-23.

November 27, 2007

A motion was moved that the first report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, tabled on Wednesday, November 21, 2007, be concurred in. This suggested that changes to the Broadcasting Policy for Canada or the Canadian Telecommunications Policy be first put before the House through the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage for its consideration.

Election 2006: Matapédia--Matane

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Matapédia–Matane / Matapédia–Matane
MP: Jean-Yves Roy (Parliamentary Internet)

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