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Montreal area MPs

The Saturday conversation in Montreal was great. Many of the participants seemed interested in working together to help to educate the public and members of parliament on copyright and related issues. We created a Montreal-specific mailing list to continue discussions.

Montreal is an important area as you have both the Heritage Minister and the Prime Minister there, members of Heritage committee, and the leader of the Bloc.

One thing that would be very helpful is if people in the area could go to the information page for their riding and post something about the local MP. This may help encourage others in the area to get involved as well.

Mr. James Rajotte and Hon. Liza Frulla speak in support of WIPO treaty ratification...

From the Hansard for Friday, November 26, 2004. Obviously letters from constituents and other Canadians are needed to inform these members that what the recording industry is asking for will not help Canadian musicians, but harm them.

A letter was sent in response.

Music Industry

Mr. James Rajotte (Edmonton—Leduc, CPC): Mr. Speaker, in 1996 the government signed the World Intellectual Property Organization treaty. The treaty was necessary to update our copyright laws to ensure that our artists such as Tom Cochrane, Amy Sky and Blue Rodeo received fair compensation for the music they create.

The Conservative Party supports amending our copyright laws to be in accordance with international standards.

A blueprint for better copyright

Imagine an Ontario government initiative that responded to rising concern over speeding on provincial highways by installing hundreds of automated radar guns to identify cars that failed to obey the speed limit. Rather than sending a speeding ticket to those caught by the system, however, the government instead sent a bailiff to confiscate the car keys

Full article by Michael Geist in Toronto Star...

Letters to Industry Minister David Emerson

On Friday I sent a letter to the Heritage and Industry Ministers (as well as their parliamentary secretaries). Today I read a letter from Garth Graham, Telecommunities Canada Board of Directors, and decided to write a letter to endorse that report.

A copy of this letter is available online at: and Universal Access Canada forum.

Election 2004: Jeanne-Le Ber

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