Non-incumbent returning MPs: Peggy Nash, Françoise Boivin

While rookie MPs may be the most interesting to speculate about, we have two returning MPs who were not incumbents in the last election.

Peggy Nash (NDP) returns in the 41'st parliament to Parkdale--High Park. In the 40'th parliament the seat was taken by Gerard Kennedy (Liberal). Ms. Nash had taken the seat for the 39'th parliament from controversial Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte who had the seat in the 36'th, 37'th and 38'th parliaments.

Former Liberal Françoise Boivin from the 38'th parliament took Gatineau for the NDP from incumbent Bloc Québécois representative Richard Nadeau. Mr Nadeau held the seat in the 39'th and 40'th parliament.

The 57 Ridings that can Change Election's Outcome

Hill Times journalists Abbas Rana, Simon Doyle and Harris MacLeod have assembled a list of 57 ridings in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, where the parties won or lost by a margin of about five per cent or less in the last federal election. This is a superset of what Michael Geist called the Copyright MPs which won their riding by 10 percent or less in the last election and their riding is home to a university.

Michael Geist: The Copyright MPs

Michael Geist has identified a group of 27 MPs (nine percent of all MPs) who share two key attributes - they won their riding by 10 percent or less in the last election and their riding is home to a university. The combination is important since it is these MPs - not the very safe Jim Prentice - who will face the consequences of the Prentice bill that will harm a generation well versed in digital technologies, social networks, and the Internet.

Parliamentary week in review: Nov 13-16

I have done a few weekly reviews of parliament, the previous one being to November 2. Sorry for not keeping up with these as I had intended. Parliament is currently debating a concurrence to committee report from Heritage committee (Broadcasting policy or the telecommunications policy for Canada), which reminded me that I should be posting these summaries. Some very interesting speeches by opposition members, with the Conservative government claiming a discussion of media obstructs/delays their crime bill.

Discussing Technology policy issues in Ottawa during election.

Are you interested in meeting with people who are both politically active and interested in technology issues? People that will be talking about copyright, software patents, and other such issues during the election? If you are in the Ottawa area, come join us at the weekly GOSLING gaggle.

We meet some time after 16:30 each Friday at the The Black Bear Pub @ Albert and Bay.

Election 2006: Gatineau

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Gatineau / Gatineau
MP: Françoise Boivin (Parliamentary Internet)

Election 2004: Gatineau

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