CMEC, Copyright and Québec

There is an interesting opinion piece by a Québec publishers association against the education institutional exception proposed by CMEC. Please read the BLOG articles by Howard Knopf and Michael Geist.

This issue points at the importance of Québec in the copyright debate, but also the fact that there are more than two sides in the so-called "educational use of the Internet" debate. Like Mr. Knopf I disagree with the CMEC proposal, but for reasons very different than the publishers association. See the earlier article: How CMEC and Access Copyright seek to destroy the Internet.

The Quebec Free Software Week: November 12-20 2005

For immediate release

FROM NOVEMBER 12-20 2005: The Quebec Free Software Week

Montreal and Quebec, Wednesday November 9, 2005 - FACIL, for the collective appropriation of free information technology, is proud to announce the 2005 edition of the Quebec Free Software Week (la Semaine québécoise de l'informatique libre SQIL), from November 12-20, 2005, in many regions of Quebec. The theme for the week is Connecting people. The SQIL program includes presentations by university researchers, free software installation festivals, demonstrations of solutions intended for enterprise and government, teaching workshops in and educational milieu, screening of documentaries and festivities.

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