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Who is the Candice Hoeppner for information technology owners?

I have sent a form letter to all Conservative MPs, and a derived letter to all NDP MP's asking the above question.

Thus far I haven't heard anything from Conservative MPs other than some acknowledging receipt.

I have received better response from the Official Opposition NDP. Jack Layton's staffer let me know that "MP Charlie Angus will continue on in his role as critic for digital issues". A few moments ago I received a voice call from Peter Stoffer himself to let me know to contact Charlie. Another MP staffer is looking into setting up an in-person meeting with a newly elected MP.

Phone Call with Peter Stoffer on ISP licensing

I received a phone call from Peter Stoffer (Sackville - Eastern Shore, NDP) in reply to an email message I sent yesterday. I had been watching an interview on CPAC just prior to Question Period, and part of the interview included a conversation about the fact that you would know he received your message if you received a phone call from him.

Note: I will not quote anything he said, as I didn't ask permission. I am only reporting the fact a phone call happened, and what I said in the call and the letter I wrote to spark the phone call.

US Tech Workers Give It Up to Democrats. What about Canadians?

When reading an eWeek article by Roy Mark talking about political donations to US presidential candidates, I wondered what would be said in Canada. We don't have a separate executive branch, with our prime Minister simply being the leader of the party that receives the most seats, so an apples-to-apples comparison isn't possible.

Peter Stoffer discusses regressive ISP licensing again...

In the context of the debate on Justice bills announced as part of the Throne Speech, Mr. Stoffer raised today his embarrassing private members bill to license Internet Service Providers. He is likely to re-introduce this bill into the 2'nd session of this parliament.

Embarrassing private members bill to license Internet Service Providers tabled again.

I was watching CPAC yesterday when Conservative MP Joy Smith (Conservative, Kildonan--St. Paul) tabled a private members bill C-427. This is the same type of bill that has been tabled many times by various MPs of various parties. Chris Axworthy (NDP, Saskatoon--Clark's Crossing) tabled Bill C-396 in 1997 and Peter Stoffer (NDP, Sackville - Eastern Shore) introduced Bill C-234 in 2002, Bill C-254 in 2004 and Bill C-214 in 2006

Election 2006: Sackville--Eastern Shore

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Incumbent information

Sackville–Eastern Shore / Sackville–Eastern Shore
MP: Peter Stoffer (Parliamentary Internet)

Re-introduction of ISP licensing bill: Bill C-254

I sent a letter to Peter Stoffer in opposition of a bill he recently introduced.

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