CIPPIC replies: Halifax Liberal candidate

;:Dear M. Lawson

;:I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your letter to Sheila Fougere. It will be passed on to Ms. Fougere and we will certainly do our best to provide a response prior to June 28th.

;:Heather Sanford
;:Sheila Fougere Campaign volunteer

CIPPIC replies: Halifax Green Party candidate

;:Hello Philippa,
;:Please see my responses in CAPS below.

;:Michael Oddy
;:Green Party Candidate, Halifax

;:Authorized by the Official Agent

Educational Use of Internet Materials: Do you support an amendment to the Copyright Act to allow for the use of freely available materials on the Internet by participants in an educational program?


ISP Liability for copyright infringement: Should ISPs be protected from liability for copyright infringement when others merely transmit copyrighted materials over their facilities, or when others post copyrighted works on websites that the ISP merely hosts?

Election 2004: Halifax

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