Bill C-11 house debate day 7

On December 12, 2011 we had the seventh time when the House of Commons debated Bill C-11 (at Second Reading). I didn't write about the 6'th time as it was simply a vote on an amendment that was deferred from the 5'th day of debate.

The debate started with Mr. Paul Calandra (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, CPC, MP for Oak Ridges—Markham) giving a short promotion of the bill and then moving a motion "That this question be now put."

Nick Wright (Halifax, Green party) responds


Thank you for your e-mail. I am a strong supporter of open source software and the Supreme Court of Canada's position on the downloading of music, which states that it is permitted under the legislation that grants the music industry levies from the sale of blank media. I am also in agreement that legislation should protect Canadians from spyware and other malware rather than protecting the creator of these harmful programs.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Kind Regards

Nick Wright
Halifax Candidate
Green Party of Canada
nwright _at- greenparty.ca

Election 2006: Halifax

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Halifax / Halifax
MP: Alexa McDonough (Parliamentary Internet)
NDP Shadow Cabinet: Foreign Affairs, Post-Secondary Education

Aid money only part of solution -- WIPO development agenda must also be recognized

The following was written to Alex McDonough in reply to a press release she sent out about Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously adopting a motion calling on the government to honour its commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The federal government’s International Policy Statement released earlier this year was deeply disappointing because it lacked any commitment, let alone any enforceable timetable to meet Lester Pearson’s international aid goal of 0.7% adopted as the international standard developed nations must meet, in order to help eradicate poverty and disease around the world.

NDP Parliamentarians Work To Protect Farmers’ Right To Save Seeds

(Note: Category is Information/Mental process patents as patents on "gene sequences" are based on similar odd legal theories that "software program sequences" are based on).

HALIFAX AND TIMMINS – NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Alexa McDonough and NDP Agriculture Critic Charlie Angus are fighting back against a Liberal attempt to obliterate farmers’ traditional right to save seeds.

Letter to NDP critics: Keep eye on the future during Bush visit

I wrote a letter to key NDP issue critics discussing the importance of policy around patents and copyright.

Canada is at a crossroads: It could join the "coalition
of the billing" which are those countries that bow to US pressure to
outsource their cultural and economic policy to foreign special economic
interest groups. Alternatively, Canada can adopt a modern way of looking
at development in the knowledge economy and become a world leader.

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