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Top 10 Ridings I will be watching election night

Here is a list of the top ridings I'll be watching this election night, and why. Click on the ridings to get more details, articles, etc.

Timmins--James Bay
Obvious place to start the list, with incumbent Charlie Angus of the New Democrats expected to keep his seat. He is the incumbent MP who best understands technology law issues, whether it be Copyright or Net Neutrality. He has also been very successful in educating and working within his caucus to enable the NDP to have some of the strongest candidates in this election.

Michael Geist: The Copyright MPs

Michael Geist has identified a group of 27 MPs (nine percent of all MPs) who share two key attributes - they won their riding by 10 percent or less in the last election and their riding is home to a university. The combination is important since it is these MPs - not the very safe Jim Prentice - who will face the consequences of the Prentice bill that will harm a generation well versed in digital technologies, social networks, and the Internet.

Elizabeth May unveils her party's Green vision for Canada

Green Party leader Elizabeth May unveiled the party's Vision Green policy document.

There is a section on Open source computer software. Network Neutrality is mentioned under Supporting the free flow of information. The excessively long term of patent protection for drugs is mentioned under Healthier people – healthier health care. While they did not mention the PCT implications, they did discuss the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America.

Green Party leader to take on Peter MacKay

According to the CTV, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has declared she plans to run in Central Nova, a riding currently held by Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter MacKay.

A Green Party press release Press Release includes:

“Of course we have done our research and if this was just about polling figures, then I would be returning to London to finish what I started in November, not coming to a Conservative Party stronghold to take on the son of Elmer Mackay,” she said.

“But in the end I had to follow my heart and my heart tells me two things: that I must run in Nova Scotia and that challenging a prominent member of the government will enable me to keep a strong focus on why Nova Scotia and Canada cannot afford another government led by Stephen Harper.”

Conservative Cabinet sworn in

From: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/cabinet.asp.

The Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper (Calgary Southwest)
Prime Minister of Canada

The Honourable Maxime Bernier (Beauce)
Minister of Industry

The Honourable Beverley J. Oda (Durham)
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women

The Honourable David Emerson (Vancouver Kingsway)
Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics

The Honourable John Baird (Ottawa West--Nepean)
President of the Treasury Board

The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay (Central Nova)
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Election 2006: Central Nova

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Central Nova / Nova-Centre
MP: Peter MacKay (Parliamentary Internet)

CIPPIC replies: Central Nova NDP candidate

Received from Alexis MacDonald Campaign:

;:Dear. Ms. Lawson,

;:Thank you for your email with regard to inquiring about the political parties' stand on law and technology issues. As you can well imagine, we receive numerous requests for responses to questions pertaining to election issues from a whole range of organizations and individuals. We are unable to respond in detail to your questions, however we would like to provide a few comments.

;:Unfortunately, these are complex issues where Alexis is not well versed in and is unfortunately not able to devote sufficient time to informing herself to provide a well rounded response. Suffice it to say that Alexis recognizes the value of copyright and its recognition of rights for individuals and organizations in their creative and innovative developments. However, there are categories of material where the access to such materials may not require copyright protection, such as in the case of some educational materials. As for spam, clearly this is a significant problem and needs to be dealt with on many levels, not simply government. Unfortunately your questions address issues where the legislation is not keeping up with technological developments. It appears that government is trying to "play catch up".

Election 2004: Central Nova

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