Parliamentary week in review: Oct 29-Nov2

I will be trying to do a weekly review of mentions in the Canadian parliament of issues that are (or should be) of interest to our community. If one of the MPs in the related discussions is your MP, please write them a letter about the issue.

The House stands adjourned until Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 10 a.m.

George Marshall (Malpeque, New Democratic Party)


There are some questions which I can answer and some I cannot.

Re the national questionaire, this must, as per party policy, be addressed by national NDP.

Regarding the quesion relating to contributions for copyright and conflicts of interest, I oppose, with my party, the sitting on legislative committees addressing copyright, acting as Minister of Canadian Heritage or as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage after receiving contributions from copyright lobbyists.

Re who should handle copyright Industry or Heritage, I would have to consult my party and constituency.

George Marshall (Malpeque, New Democratic Party)

Dear Russell McOrmond:

To be honest, our small party in Malpeque has been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questionnaires and position papers submitted to our candidate, George Marshall. He has been spending time meeting constituents in person, participating in public forums, attending campaign meetings and other events, holding down employment, and writing his own position papers. For this reason (and because both he and I, in our respective positions, are first-timers and had no prior idea of the sheer volume of these requests), I apologise that George is unlikely to be able to respond personally to you - although, of course, I am forwarding your message on to him, and you never know! I know he is interested in IT.

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