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Please complain to your election candidates and MPs about this. We have a sample letter you can use for this purpose.

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House stands adjourned until Monday, January 30, 2012

As the Hansard reads, Parliament is now adjourned until Monday, January 30, 2012.

MPs are in their electoral districts, which is the best time for people to contact their MPs and let them know what they think about Bill C-11.

Most MPs, regardless of party affiliation, remain focused on how TPMs may circumvent fair dealings. While this is appropriate when discussing use control TPMs, access control TPMs in C-11 presumably regulate activities never before contemplated in Copyright law.

Conservatives believe this is something where consumer choice can solve any problems, not recognising that much of the harm from abuses of TPMs impact people other than the copyright holder and their audiences.

MPs remain largely unaware that there are 4 classes of owners impacted by Paracopyright, not only the familiar two which the Copyright portions of the bill impact.

End of the 40th parliament

As this parliament closes, I'm feeling far more nostalgic than with other parliaments. It might be because I've been going into committee twice a week for a few months, and watching a small subset of MPs interact with each other.

Below is a list of the dates of past parliaments, and the dates of election. The date of the election for the 41'st parliament is May 2, 2011.

Updated MP database

I have updated the MP database to reflect current MPs. All 307 sitting MPs should now be correct. If there are issues, let me know. I will work on creating a new letter for people to send Re: C-32.

The missing MP is in the riding of Winnipeg North which has been vacant since April 27, 2010, when Judy Wasylycia-Leis announced her retirement from federal politics. She is running for mayor of Winnipeg.

No C-32 committee until the fall.

A message from Industry Minister Tony Clement (@TonyClement_MP on Twitter) has indicated that there will be no C-32 special committee struck until the fall. ( says, "The House of Commons is adjourned until Monday, September 20, 2010")

This should not be taken as meaning we should all take the summer off, but that we have time to ensure that all 308 MPs have an idea of why Copyright is so controversial, and that is not about "creators on one hand, and consumers on the other". My experience over the last near decade is that the debate is largely between different creators, since many of the proposals put forward by some are aimed at their competitors and not infringers.

PM seeks Parliament shutdown until March

Press release via "Throne Speech on March 3 and a federal Budget on March 4."

Articles: CBC, CTV, Canwest Global.

What about copyright?

During Introduction of Government bills a bill (C-39 is the next number) was tabled in relation to the Grain Act. When it moved to presenting reports someone yelled out, "What about Copyright"?

Does this mean they will return back to Introduction of Government Bills later today (when we aren't watching), that they will table the bill tomorrow, or when they return from winter recess late January?

Mr. Loan is currently asking for consent on a motion that would adjourn parliament to January 28, 2008 after parliament is adjourned today. Motion is adopted.

Welcome to this site!

The new Copyright bill expected to be tabled for first reading in December is getting a lot of attention. Michael Geist posted an update to his 30 Days of DRM: 30 Things You Can Do which included reference to the petitions on this site. This article was referenced by many other sites, including SlashDot.

This may be the first time some people visit this site.

Making copyright an upcoming election issue

Copyright, Patent, etc lawyer Howard Knopf speculates about how Copyright could become an election issue given how some very articulate and informed Canadians are watching this file.

Tory plan would create 22 new ridings, but nobody knows just where

The last time the boundaries were redrawn was in 2003, and we have now started the process towards a redrawing that will happen likely in 2014. A CBC news article discusses a recent bill tabled in the House of Commons, and from there links to other related articles on federal electoral boundaries.

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