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Complaint about DVD Cartel

From: "Tom A. Trottier" <Tom _-at-_>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:41:23 -0400

A - Personal Information:
Trottier, Tom
415-400 Slater St.
Ottawa ON Canada
K1R 7S7

Home Phone: (613) 594-5412
Bus. Phone: (613) 291-1168

B - Company or Person Complained Against:
License Management International, , 
DVD Copy Control Association
225 B Cochrane Circle
Morgan Hill CA 95037,  British Columbia


Ownership: A multi-owner cartel (Claimed non-profit)

Products and/or Services Supplied: Content Scrambling System used on 
Geographic Area(s) in which the Person or Company Conducts Business: 

Nature of Your Concerns:
     Section 9 of the Competition Act indicates that if 6 residents 
of Canada file a complaint, then an investigation should be started. 
This is my request, in support of the complaint of Russell McOrmond 
<> made on or about August 10, 2001.
     Through encoding techniques used on specific movies, the License 
Management International/DVD Copy Control Association, the Cartel, 
controls DVD players in both domestic and international markets.  
Competitors that wish to offer compatible players are charged under 
USA's DMCA laws for "anti-circumvention."  No DVD players that do not 
conform to the Cartel's rules are available for sale. The practice of 
controlling the player market should be considered a violation of 
competition laws.
     As well, the control of the DVD player market, the DVD CCA also 
has region-codes which create an unnecessary barrier to trade between 
regions in DVD videos, causing prices to be higher and distribution 
     This seems to be in contradiction to sections 45, 77, and 78 of 
the Competition Act.
C - Product/Service Complaints:
Product Name: 
Brand Name: 
Lot/Style Number: 
Do you know the Country of Origin for this product? 
Description of Product:
Details of the Complaint:
Where did you purchase...
Postal Code: 
D - To obtain more information:

Region codes are described at:

----------- Questions answered, answers questioned.
Tom Trottier, President         <>                   ICQ:57647974
400 Slater St. Suite 415, Ottawa ON Canada  K1R 7S7
+1 613 291-1168  fax:+1 613 594-5412  (877)247-8796
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