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Re: [d@DCC] Copyright, eBooks & Public Domain Sources

From: Ron Koster <ron _-at-_>
To: "General Copyright Discussions (questions, organizing, etc)" <discuss (at)>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 03:40:44 -0400
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My apologies for the belated reply -- ran into some other issues and got 
sidetracked from all my ebook stuff, not to mention I ran into some 
design-related dilemmas regarding my book as well and got so exasperated 
over those that I kind-of "lost my mojo" (enthusiasm) for a bit! This 
has, in fact, been one thoroughly exasperating book to work on at times. ;)

Anyway, back to where we were, however belatedly...

On 2016-10-09 8:00 PM, Russell McOrmond wrote:
>    Just because something is possible, doesn't mean someone will do it if
> they believe it is wrong to do so.  DRM doesn't deter people from accessing
> the unencrypted version of the content but it does often change their mind
> as to what is "right" and "wrong" considering how DRM treats them (IE: it
> treats them as wrongdoers, encouraging them to be wrongdoers).

Interesting perspective. It's funny, but there's a somewhat-related 
aspect to all this which for some odd reason had never occurred to me 
before -- although it should have. I've only been doing ebook publishing 
for a few years now (and only have a handful of books under my belt), 
but was doing web design before that since the mid-1990s. With the 
latter, virtually anyone can see your source code, there's really not 
much (if anything) that you can do about that. I remember back in the 
early days of the web (back in the mid-1990s, when I started) there was 
a fair bit of discussion about how to prevent people from "stealing your 
code," but in light of the fact that there isn't really any practical 
way one learns, as a web designer, to basically just forget about it and 
not worry about it.

Thinking about that now, I'm actually surprised at myself that I've been 
so concerned about people being able to "steal my code" from my books -- 
as though it would be somehow more detrimental to me than anyone doing 
the same from my websites.

It's like having a "spiritual revelation," of sorts -- my eyes have been 
opened and now I can see things so clearly, and all my concerns that 
spurred this entire thread have basically fallen away. I'm free now -- 
I've been unchained and reborn! Ha ha ;)

Of course, there's still the separate issue of getting my copyright 
notice done up right, but that's a different thing.

>    As an experiment, offer a way for people to contribute even if it isn't
> mandatory.

D'you mean like a "donate" button on my website or something? That's a 
thought -- I doubt it would prove to be very lucrative, but who knows. 
If nothing else, it might buy me an occasional dinner at a nice 
restaurant or something, courtesy some stranger out there, somewhere in 
the world. ;)

> It's a progression people go through, from seeing this as a matter of
> "protect" (and that locking things up will somehow help) to understanding
> that it is a matter of "respect" (which is a human thing, not a technology
> thing).

This has definitely been a very enlightening discussion for me, for 
sure! Thank you so much, once again, for all your thoughts and 
clarifications on these subjects we've touched on here (also re that 
copyright notice that I came up with in a separate message), you've been 
an enormous help, Russell! Indeed, it's been rather as though I climbed 
the mountain to seek counsel from The Great Guru, and now I've been 
enlightened and found Copyright Nirvana. ;)


Ron :)
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