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From: krishna e bera <keb _-at-_>
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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 00:41:42 -0400
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I think i'm willing to pay an ISP bandwidth tax similar to the blank 
media tax, but *only if* it makes me immune to copyright infringement 
(aka sharing) lawsuits and prosecutions. (Legal enforcement of DRM 
should be removed regardless.)  Obviously, not all bandwidth is 
copyright infringement just as not all blank media are used for that, 
but some oft-quoted figures said bittorrent is ~40% of internet usage.

They could add a threshold amount before tax starts (maybe 1GB) so that 
low income users can do essential communication.  Or add an amount to 
the HST rebate, or add it to a Basic Income.

Feel free to tell me what is wrong with the above trade-off...

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Subject: 	Say no to an Internet tax
Date: 	Tue, 18 Oct 2016 17:34:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	Josh Tabish - OpenMedia <>


Dear Krishna E,

Inside sources have just informed us that Canadian Heritage Minister 
Mélanie Joly might propose a tax^1 on Internet service providers (ISPs) 
that would hamper innovation, reduce access and *increase your Internet 

This proposal could be introduced in the next few weeks. If enough of us 
speak up then we can put a stop to this backwards-thinking that will 
cost the average Canadian – delivering *higher internet prices* than we 
are already burdened with.^3

We need to act now to put a stop to this. 

We are launching a campaign 
to make sure this doesn’t happen. What are we going to do? Provide a 
detailed and hard-hitting petition to bring the signatures of thousands 
of Canadians like you to our meeting with Minister Joly’s team at 
Canadian heritage the first week of November.

We will produce a policy intervention to not only lay out why this 
strategy is wrong for Canada but provide alternatives to address not 
only our community’s concerns but help support Canadian culture and 
content. But we won’t be able to *without your support*.

Will you help us fund this new campaign to combat an Internet tax? 

Thank you for all you do,
Josh Tabish
Campaigns Director - OpenMedia

/P.S. Want to learn more? See our footnotes below./

*Footnotes: *
[1] New digital taxes may be the future of Cancon. Source: Globe and 


[2] Stop the federal government before it taxes everything on the 
Internet. Source: Financial Post 
[3] Canadian mobile phone bills still rank among most expensive in G7: 
CRTC report. Source: Financial Post 
[4] A similar tax was rejected in Hungary after mass protests. Read more 


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