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Re: [d@DCC] Copyright, eBooks & Public Domain Sources

From: Ron Koster <ron _-at-_>
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Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2016 15:55:41 -0400
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PS. to my last reply, regarding this a copyright notice...

On 2016-10-06 7:07 AM, Russell McOrmond wrote:
> Some people suggest using clarifying words
> such as "for any activities regulated by copyright, written permission from
> the copyright holder is required" to clarify both that you aren't trying to
> lay claim to things you can't (without trying to get into details about
> what that is), and that any copyrightable contribution on your part is not
> dedicated to the public domain or openly licensed.

Okay, here's what I just came up with, in an effort to be "vague," but 
still "clear"...


This ebook copyright © Ron Koster, 2016.All images— including the cover 
art and all other original digital artwork, as well as public domain 
images modified and manipulated specifically for use in this ebook — are 
copyright Ron Koster. The six Shakespearean plays in this book originate 
from public domain sources, with modifications mainly to formatting and 
only minor conformity in word (name) spelling. The various poems — 
including those accredited to Shakespeare, as well as/The Ghost of 
Lucrece/by Thomas Middleton, and the complete/Loves Martyr/of Robert 
Chester — are new digital transcriptions by Ron Koster made directly 
from the original 16^th and 17^th century sources, with a variety of 
textual corrections and emendations made throughout each poetic work. 
For any activities regulated by copyright, written permission from the 
copyright holder is required.


Am I overdoing it again? It does rather look like it, I suppose -- ha 
ha. ;) I did use that wording you gave in my very last sentence -- great 
sentence, a clear, firm statement, but still nicely vague.

Ron  ;)
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