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Re: [d@DCC] Copyright, eBooks & Public Domain Sources

From: Russell McOrmond <russell _-at-_>
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Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2016 14:49:58 -0300
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On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 2:26 PM, Ron Koster <> wrote:
> Interesting court case, at least in how it applies to what I've been
> doing! It's a UK case, but nevertheless it still provides some
> "precedent" with regard to a case similar to my own.

There are many interesting cases on both "sides" of this.  I've read many
court cases, and the answers you get sometimes come down to the specific
judge and/or judges (appeals, supreme) involved in the decision.  It isn't
a clear cut area of law, and is one that is changing as the culture and
technology changes.

But I'm always going to want to bring people back to the practical and away
from the ideological.

If you are on the line of what is copyrightable, then there will be people
who agree and disagree with you.   If you aren't going to be willing to
spend the money to take someone you disagree with to court, then the entire
conversation is a distraction to you.  If you feel your business is
dependent on this question, but you don't think you will get return on
investment sufficient to pursue the question in court, then you don't
really have a sustainable business.

I don't think you are dependent on the question -- but that is your
business decision to think about.
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