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[d@DCC] Announcing "C4-Yourself.Ottawa" -- Who wants to help?

From: Joseph Potvin <jpotvin _-at-_>
To: GOSLING members in Ottawa <ottawa-gosling (at)>, "General Copyright Discussions (questions, organizing, etc)" <discuss (at)>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 13:36:12 -0400

This occurred to me in the course of a reply on the Copyright 
consultation site

The three relevant entries is this thread are:

BobJonkman: There need to be more than just two Town Hall discussions on 
copyright. That the Toronto venue filled within two days of being 
announced is a strong indicator that Canadian citizens want to be 
involved in these consultations. Limiting participation to 300 people at 
only two venues is NOT the open discussion that Canadians expect. At the 
very least, there should be Town Hall meetings in the capital city of 
each province, and the larger population centres. I suggest:

Vancouver,British Columbia | 611869
Calgary,Alberta | 968460
Ottawa,Ontario | 874433
Edmonton,Alberta | 822319
Hamilton,Ontario | 653638
Quebec City,Quebec | 645623
Winnipeg,Manitoba | 632063
Kitchener,Ontario | 409112

(If there's a way to communicate with the people responsible for these 
consultations please let me know, and post it prominently on this Web site)

gnattress: Not even one in Ottawa! Makes you think they don't really 
want to hear what Canadians have to think on this issue.

jpotvin: I wonder what would happen if people in any particular region 
of the country autonomously organized an add-on event, and announced it 
here on this website? Call it CanadianCommunityCopyrightCamp (or 
"C4-Yourself" ;-). Then, if the report from such an event were to be 
submitted either here in the comments or as a formal submission to the event would de facto *be* part of 
the consultation process.

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