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[d@DCC] Who would have guessed?! Canada's new copyright consultation site is very free/libre

From: Joseph Potvin <jpotvin _-at-_>
To: GOSLING members in Ottawa <ottawa-gosling (at)>, "General Copyright Discussions (questions, organizing, etc)" <discuss (at)>
Cc: mgeist -_at_-, rms -_at_-
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:40:19 -0400

Netcraft shows...
...that the Canadian Government's new copyright consultation site is running the
Mongrel server built in Ruby-On-Rails on a GNU/Linux machine, outsourced to SES 

This fact should be useful in bringing home to Industry and Heritage, as 
well as media folk, the relevance of ensuring that Canada's new 
copyright legislation needs to be free/libre-compatible.

joseph potvin
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