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[d@DCC] How closed/open is this round of copyright consultations?

From: Joseph Potvin <jpotvin _-at-_>
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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 07:37:49 -0400
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At I 

"As of Friday, the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, the group 
representing Vincent and other artists such as Feist and Sarah 
McLachlan, said it had not been invited to participate in the 
government's closed-door meetings.


The government will only reveal the participants of its in-camera 
roundtables after the meetings have taken place, said Deirdra McCracken, 
Moore's spokeswoman.

Moore and Industry Minister Tony Clement will kick off the first of ten 
roundtable discussions on Monday in Vancouver. The consultations run 
across the country until September 13. The public can participate in 
town halls or make submissions online."

Thoughts anyone?

Joseph Potvin

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