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Draft of article: Open letter to Creative Rights Alliance: Don't get duped

From: Russell McOrmond <russell _-at-_>
To: No DMCA in Canada <canada-dmca-opponents (at)>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 14:56:24 -0400 (EDT)

  The following is a reference to a draft article I am writing at:

  I am looking for feedback (Including better links to make certain
points)  before further publication.

Open letter to Creative Rights Alliance: Don't get duped

   As a fellow independent creator, in my case a creator of Open Source
   software, I have been disheartened to be told that other independent
   authors have placed themselves on-side with legal protection for
   Technological Protection Measures (TPM). It is frustrating as I
   believe these less technical creators do not yet realize that legal
   protection for TPM is as much of a threat to independent creators of
   "for human consumption" works as it is for independent creators of
   computer software.

   In a communications world built from a foundation of legal protection
   for TPM, independent authors will likely no longer hold any copyright
   at all. They will be told by the people who control all major
   communications mechanisms: "Work for hire, or the door!".

   The following was included in "Canadian New Media" (Volume 5, Issue 7
   - April 19, 2002)

     Author Susan Crean also argued in favour of legally protecting TPMs
     as a way to ensure writers get paid. "I am very tired of being put
     in a position where I feel users and producers in this country want
     me to apologize for making a living from what I do. I'm tired of
     people saying we should be pleased that people make use of our
     material for free because it's advertising. people die from

     Crean says that a founding meeting of the Creative Rights Alliance
     will take place in Montreal next week, but didn't divulge any
     further details to the media.


  I am also wondering if anyone has other contacts with the Creative 
Rights Alliance?  We need to make as many connections as we can with 
various creator communities, and warn them of things which us "geeks" may 
realize that these less technical people may not have realized.

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