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[d@DCC] Results from talk with MP

From: "Jem" <jlists _-at-_>
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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 16:40:50 -0500

I went into my MP's office and was pleasantly surprised to find her 
actually there, just good timing (Anita Neville, Winnipeg South Centre). I 
presented my letter and briefly spelled out my opposition to C-60, and 
pointed out I did vote for her in the last election.

She said after she has brushed up on C-60 we will meet in the summer and 
discuss it more thoroughly. She is willing to table the 45 signatures I 
brought but said this session is about to end so realistically, with the 
delays involved, it would be tabled for next session.

Another thing she suggested was to contact the clerk of the Heritage 
Committee and say that I want to be included in public consultations held 
on C-60. Now I have no problem doing that, but realistically I have limited 
experience being involved in such a process. I would be interested in 
joining a group of people, perhaps from this forum, who would be interested 
in being involved in consultations.

How should that kind of thing be done?

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