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Re: [Cdn-DMCA] [Fwd: Uncle Sandy wants you...]

From: Michael Richardson <mcr _-at-_>
To: canada-dmca-opponents (at)
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 18:52:24 -0400

>>>>> "Sandy" == Sandy Harris <> writes:
    Sandy> A rather old message, originally sent to a dozen or so friends,
    Sandy> that seemed worth posting here.

  Speaking of the Canadian Competition bureau, I met a guy a couple of years
ago at Dovercourt. His named was Eugene B... something. Works for industry
canada in competition bureau. I'll dig out his card once I move.

  These propose copyright changes: they will have to come to committee.
We need to book time to speak, which means a clear submission, but also to
understand the timeline.

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