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Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 07:22:51 -0400

Seen on another list:

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I'm not too well versed in this, but the whole thing appears
to be an attempt to create "Global Corporate Laws" by means
of the WIPO and WTO. That paper you listed below is scary.
It shows many countries and their progress toward
compliance with new (can I even say this?) Global Laws.

I am very concerned about the whole thing and think
people are not quite understanding the entire issue.

We have seen an arrest and threats against professors and
researchers using the DMCA. Well, the DMCA is the US
version of compliance with these new laws.

I encourage everyone to at least glance at the document:

A glance should be enough to scare you.



On 10-Aug-2001, Paul Gowder wrote:
> Hey, the people on this list are often well versed in
> totally obscure areas of constitutional law, etc.  Has
> anyone ever heard of any case where someone has sued
> the US for attempting to force another nation to do
> some thing that violates the US constitution?
> (Especially when the impact of that could be to cause
> the other nation to do said unconstitutional thing to
> a US citizen?)
> What do people think of the possibility of such a
> suit?  I know, maybe I'm getting a little too far into
> left field with this one, but the U.S. government is
> rather traditionally known for this sort of behavior.
> This thought comes as part of the globalization thing,
> after reading the following document:
> see especially the U.S. government's attempts to force
> Denmark to enact civil ex parte search procedures for
> software "piracy".  (see aforementioned document)
> Suppose Denmark, under U.S. pressure, passes a law
> that permits a corporation to order the search of an
> individual's computer on "any suspicion" of
> unauthorized intellectual property use.  Suppose also
> that a U.S. citizen living in demnark is victimized by
> this.  Would such citizen have a Bivens action or
> something against the U.S. government?
> Suppose the answer to that is yes.  Would such a U.S.
> citizen (or any other) have any way to enjoin the U.S.
> government from filing WTO complaints etc. to compel
> Demnark to enact such a law?
> AFAIK, this is a totally uncharted constitutional sea.
>  With the possible problem of nonjusticiability of
> foreign affairs stuff...
> ??
> Related: see my manifesto on globalization
> Related: does anyone want to help me draft a little
> flyer for the upcoming FTAA protests called "why
> globalization is bad for police officers?"
> (anti-union, etc??)  Cut down on the repression a little...

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