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[d@DCC] The New Year, and the Fight Goes On

From: "Julie Federman" <devilcatz88 _-at-_>
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Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 12:05:43 -0500

Greetings and Happy New Year to all.

I have not been able to post in a while, being all wrapped up in school 
work, rehearsals, and upcoming exams. (blah) I have still been constantly 
working on this issue, and I handed in my culminating Civics course 
component on Thursday- even after a close "all nighter" finishing the good 
copy of the journal. To see if we actually did any work on these projects, 
we were required to have a constantly updated jounal where we had to state 
the time spent-date-location, the action taken, rationale, and evaluation 
and next steps.

No questions asked, I am still going to help and contribute to the progress 
of the Copyright Act Reform issue. I am still circulating the petition 
around, and so far I have collected 244 signatures! As I intended to do, I 
sent letters with enclosed "The Truth About Copyright Revision" information 
from Digital Copyright Canada to some politicians. I mailed to my federal 
MP- Carolyn Bennett, asking her to consider presenting petitions to the 
House, the head of the parliamentary committee reviewing Copyright- Samite 
D. Bulte MP, the Honourable David L. Emerson PC MP- the Minister of 
Industry, and the Honourable Liza Frulla- the Minister of Canadian Heritage 
and Status of Women. I sent these letters about a week and half ago, but I 
have not received any reply yet.

As well as spreading this information orally and interesting the minds of 
many, I wanted to try and get this issue more press, hopefully targetting a 
younger age demographic as well as older. I wrote very similar articles to 
two pro-activist, fight the corporation, "trendy", free, and widely read in 
Toronto and the GTA magazines: NOW Magazine, and Eye Magazine. I e-mailed 
these article not long ago, so I guess it is good to have the "no news is 
better than bad news" mentality.

I also found something very exciting back around December 22. My friend 
Joel, who lives in New Liskeard, Ontario (about 5 hours north of Toronto) 
sent me an interesting e-mail, and called me later that day. As it turned 
out, his Law teacher Mr. Adair found my "delurking e-mail" and while he was 
telling his class about the issue, me made copies of the response and began 
telling the class how they should get as involved and interested as I have. 
I did not really believe this at first, but it motivated me to work even 

It was my birthday on December 30th, and while opening one of my presents I 
saw something odd. I received some CDs, and on one in particular "K-OS 
Joyful Rebellion" I saw six words that caught my attention before tearing it 
open, especially since researching this issue. "Copy Controlled, See Reverse 
For Details." Out of curiosity, I flipped it and read in the ridiculously 
tiny print: "This disk contains Copy Control technology.... On some 
equiptment, for example car CD players playback problems may be 
encountered." I sat on the couch thinking to myself, "what the heck is 
this?" I later found out it was the ellusive DRM technology, and did even 
more research. Also, it came up in previous discuss lists, and found it to 
be a huge issue. Again, when I told people about it, they had no clue about 
what was going on, and they were pretty pissed off about it. Now in mid 
January, i'm still not even sure if I want to open it.

Cheers and good luck in all of your progress,

Julie Federman

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