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[d@DCC] Petition Signatures / meeting election candidates / questionnaire for candidates

From: Russell McOrmond <russell _-at-_>
To: General Copyright Discussions <discuss (at)>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 12:23:20 -0400 (EDT)

  The election is coming up fast, and it would be useful to get more 
signatures in and try to give some numbers.   I am glad that a few people 
have sent in petitions.

2   - Brockville, Ontario (via mail)
4   - Toronto @ KMDI conference
21  - Toronto @ Red Orkestra CD launch
2   - Kingston, Ontario  (via mail)

  The discuss forum has 69 members, and the discuss-digest has 33 more.  
I would like to have each person sign up to print out copies of the
petition and bring them to friends, family, and their workplace.  It
should be easy for each member of the list to get at least 10 names.  In
the 2001 consultation process our community easily sent in 650 of the 700
responses received, and our community has grown since then.  It should be
possible for us to double (or more) that number before the end of the
election and confirm to the new government that we must be meaningfully 

Meeting candidates

  I just came back from a meeting with David McGuinty, the Liberal 
candidate for my riding of Ottawa South.  He has been receiving the notes 
I was sending him, and is aware of the issues.

  He asked where the debate was, and I told him that it is one sided.  
Parliament is hearing from the incumbent middle-men and being told they
have to quickly "fix loopholes" by ratifying the WIPO treaties.  
Parliament has not yet been listening to citizens who are creators and
their audiences.

  I handed him a few things:

  a) A copy of "Share" from Fading Ways
  b) A copy of from
  c) A copy of a few articles:  "Happy World Intellectual Property Day", 
     "WIPO treaties seek to infringe property rights", and my 3-page paper 
     which was my submission prior to my Wednesday meeting with the 
     Honourable Reg Alcock (President of the Treasury Board)
  d) A copy (English - I should have handed him the French) of our 
     "Petition for Users Rights".

  I asked him if he could do a few things to help show he understands and 
will be helpful by looking at our petition and telling us:

    i) Does he support the petition, and would he sign it?

   ii) Where does he stand on the critical question of "Digital Rights
Management" vs "Property rights in ICT".

  He was only scheduled for a half hour with me and he spent an hour,
which I believe is a positive sign.  He spent some time telling me who he
is, and I spent some of the time letting him know about the core policy
areas I work in and giving context to the questions I would be asking him.

Questionnaire for candidates

  I am wondering if we can take the petition and build it into a mini 
questionnaire for candidates.

Quick thought ready for others to improve:

   The  following  is  a questionnaire for election candidates around the
   important  cultural  and  creative  policy  known  as  copyright. Your
   answers  are  appreciated  as  early  as  possible.  We will be making
   answers  available  on our website as part of the
   materials we are presenting during this election.

   The questions are based on the Petition for Users' Rights which can be
   read at

   For each question state whether you agree or disagree, and if possible
   provide  an  explanation  of  why.  We  have  members  of  the Digital
   Copyright  Canada  forum  which  are  available to talk with you about
   these  questions  and  our  petition  if you would prefer to have more
   background before answering.

   Thank you.

     * Do  you agree with the statements that we make in our Petition for
       Users'  Rights, including that the Copyright Act should be seen as
       a careful balance between the rights of creators and the rights of
       the public?

     * Do you believe that users should be recognized as having rights in
       our  copyright  act,  and  be  meaningfully consulted in copyright

     * Do  you  believe  that  existing  users rights should be protected
       including  Fair  Dealings  and the right to make private copies of
       audio recording (home recording)?

     * Do you believe that the copyright term should not be extended?

     * Do  you  recognize  the  property  rights  of  citizens to own and
       control Information and Communications Technology (ICT - equipment
       such  as  VCRs,  DVD/CD  recorder/players,  personal  and business
       computers,  etc)  for  lawful  purposes,  even  if these ownership
       rights may be abused by some citizens to break the law?

     * Will  you sign our Petition for Users Rights, and if elected fight
       for our rights in parliament?

 Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <> 
 Open letters with Susan Crean
 Petition for Users' Rights
 All citizens are "rights holders"
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