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Re: [d@DCC] ICANN approves six user community groups

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Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 11:36:56 +0800
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tOM Trottier wrote:

> ICANN approves six user community groups
> Organization takes first step toward giving individuals a voice in how the 
> Internet is run

If you know anything of the history, that statement appears as a joke
in exceedingly poor taste.

ICANN is incorprated as a 'public interest' corporation and was 
originally supposed to have over half its Board of Directors
publicly elected.

They did have a few elected directors for a while, never a majority
and never very effective against entrenched special interests.

One of those directors had to sue the corporation to get access to
its records. He won.

Now there are no elected directors. The organisation has been almost
entirely taken over by various special interests -- notably Versign
and the copyright lobbyists.

This report that they are building a 'company union' should be clearly
seen for the onvious fraud it is.

For reasonably accurate info on these issues see the EFF archive

and, even better,

> By John Blau, IDG News Service December 17, 2003   
> The "At-Large" groups aim to engage individual Internet users in ICANN 
> activities at the local or issue level and generally foster a greater 
> understanding of, and participation in, the Net governing process, the Marina 
> del Rey, California, organization said Tuesday. 
> Certification of the At-Large organizations comes after ICANN's board approved 
> a framework in June for establishing local, regional, and global user groups. 
> Repeating remarks made after the June decision, ICANN President and Chief 
> Executive Officer Paul Twomey said in a statement that the groups will ensure 
> that the voice of different sectors of the Internet community will be "more 
> distinctly heard" and their views "more effectively taken into account" when 
> ICANN takes action on issues of interest to the user community. 
> In Europe, ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee certified four groups: 
> Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft eV, Internet Society 
> Bulgaria, Internet Society Luxembourg A.S.B.L. and Societa' Internet. 
> Elsewhere, the committee approved the Arab Knowledge Management Society in the 
> Asian-Pacific and Australian region, and Alfa-Redi in the Latin America and 
> Caribbean Island region. 
> The committee has been encouraging interested, qualified groups in all 
> geographic regions to become certified At-Large members.
> Information about At-Large applications is available on the Web at: 
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