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[d@DCC] Intuit said Wednesday that it has dropped product activation and digital-rights-management ...

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Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 14:51:41 -0400

"Intuit said Wednesday that it has dropped product activation and digital-
rights-management software from almost all future products, including paid 
copies of TurboTax, in response to a backlash from its customers. 
Adding digital-rights-management software to the company's tax preparation 
neither paid off financially in attracting new customers, nor in consumer 
satisfaction, Intuit spokesman Scott Gulbransen said. 

"We're dropping (DRM) in all prepaid productsuthat means any copy you purchase 
at a retail store or direct from us," the spokesman said, referring to sales 
over the Internet from Intuit's web site.",3973,1088341,00.asp
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