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Reply to questions for candidates from Mary Pynenburg

A letter arrived in the mail this morning :

Dear Chris Brand,

I appreciate your questions and commend you for bringing forth issues that are important during this federal election.

The Liberal Party has commented on the Copyright Act, and this position can be found at

As New Westminster City Planner for twelve years, I have dealt with many complex issues with a wide range of stakeholders to work out the best policy position. Issues surrounding the Internet and the Copyright Act are complex and continually changing, and I agree that there needs to be a balanced approach that takes into account the creators and the rights of the public.

Reply to questions to candidates from Mike Redmond

Thank you for your questions on my position regarding copyright law.

I believe that copyright should continue to be a balance of the interests of
users and creators. I have no opinion on whether the duration of copyright
should be shortened, but I have heard no compelling reasons to do so.
Generally, Canadian copyright law should continue to conform to international

I am not familiar with the Heritage Committee report and I cannot comment on

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how users rights can be
clarified or enhanced, but I do not think I have enough information now to

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