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Letter in the Hill Times

I got a letter published in The Hill Times in response to the piece they ran on lobbying and the Copyright Act.

Another Burnaby-New Westminster all-candidates debate

All Candidates Debate
7502 2nd Street Burnaby
Thursday 19th January 7:30
according to the blog of the Green Party Candidate.

all-candidates meeting

New Westminster Chamber of Commerce has an all-candidates meeting at the Burr Theatre, 6:30pm - 8:30 pm Monday 16th January.

All-candidates meeting

New west Chamber of Commerce is holding an all-candidates meeting at the Burr Theatre 6:30pm - 8:30pm Tuesday Jan 17th.

Reply to copyright questions

I received a phone message from Peter Julian, incumbant and NDP candidate.

Essentially, he reminded me of the work we've done together on this and confirmed that his stance on these issues hasn't changed.

Answers to copyright questions from candidates

I received a reply to my copyright questions from Scott Janzen, Green Party candidate :

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. Feel free to post my responses verbatim.

1. I believe that anyone who owns a computer should have complete control on which programs are installed on their machine and that all installed software should disclose any programs contained in the installation that may restrict or control the functions of the owner's computer.

2. Once any media is purchased, it is ridiculous to expect to control the way in which the media is enjoyed by the consumer. If you buy a DVD in Canada and travel to the UK, you should be able to enjoy your purchase in the UK. If you have purchased music over the years and wish to enjoy your investment on your new iPod, then you should not be restricted to do so. Any company that attempts to control its customers is doomed because we don't want to be told what to do, least of all by companies we pay to have the "priveledge" of using their product. The next "control" might be restriction of reading the newspaper in the bathroom. How far do we want to go with this?

Analogy for educational exemption for Internet access

Think about those newspaper boxes on the sidewalk. They come in two flavours - ones where you have to pay before you can take a paper and ones where you can take a paper without paying.

Now imagine the proposal that everyone should have to pay a "sidewalk tax" which goes to the book publishers to compensate the people who print non-free newspapers and put them in the "please take one for free" newspaper boxes.

More petition signatures to be presented

Paul Whittam informs me that his MP, John McKay (Scarborough-Guildwood) has agreed to table the 81 signatures he's collected.

The costs to artists of strong copyright

The argument that "strong copyright is to protect the artists" only considers the established artists, not the new ones.

I wanted to flag up some examples of cases where stronger copyright protection has hurt artists.
Here are the first two :

The movie "Uncovered" had a budget of $200,000. Half of that was spent securing the rights to clips of President Bush. Some parts of the movie had to be cut because permission was not granted.

The Beastie Boys paid $1000 to ECM Records to use a three-second clip from Newton's "Choir" album in their album "Pass the Mic". (This is documented in the 9th Circuit case Newton v. Diamond).

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