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Bruce Schneier writes at:

Last week, a hacker developed an application called FairUse4WM that strips the copy protection from Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 files.

Now, this isn't a "vulnerability" in the normal sense of the word: digital rights management is not a feature that users want. Being able to remove copy protection is a good thing for some users, and completely irrelevant for everyone else. No user is ever going to say: "Oh no. I can now play the music I bought for my computer in my car. I must install a patch so I can't do that anymore."

CD trading system

I came across this on ecogeek:

At some point you probably went through the painstaking process of loading all your tunes onto the computer. Well, now you're stuck with a stack of CDs and don't know what to do with them. The new music exchange service La La, enables CD trading for just $1.49, allowing several people to use each CD, keeping discs in circulation instead of going on the landfills or cluttering up your valuable closet space.

Once you become a member, the service encourages you to list all the CDs you want to exchange as well as ones they would be interested in receiving. Once an exchange is arranged, the recipient pays $1.49, of which 63 cents pays for shipping the disc. Netflix-style shipping kits (prepaid standard envelops) will arrive in the mail after you list your first CD at the site.

Voting today

Today my wife and I went to the poll today at 12:30pm.
I work at home and she is on maternity leave. We bundled up Liam (8 months old) and set out for the four block
walk to a local school. "That's the school you'll go to Liam", I told him as we arrived.

They had the polls set up in the foyer --- I figured they'd use the Gym, and make the kids miss gym class.
My wife wondered at the principal feelings on having lots of strangers enter the school.

no line up, we voted and were gone.
Liam feel asleep.
I didn't test the question as to whether I could bring him "behind" with me. There almost wasn't any space for

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