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Mo' Money

This election is starting to really depress me... Anger really is not good fuel for an election. I keep hoping that Harper will run out of fodder for corruption attacks against the government the Liberals formed. But Liberal candidates continue to add to the fire.

Cory Doctorow and Michael Geist have really started taking Sam Bulte to task over her copyright industry financed fundraiser. Apparently, she's the only candidate to accept campaign contributions from groups like Access Copyright. Given her participation in formation of Bill C-60, these contributions are certainly questionable.

The Golden Age of Protection

On Dec. 14, Sarmite Bulte expressed her interest in helping reform copyright in the digital era. To demonstrate her point, she invokes our apparent past success in providing broadband network access across this country. Appeals to national pride aside, I figure this sentiment exactly demonstrates the problem in Ms. Bulte's reasoning: that progress will come by supporting minority controlling interests.

Digital copyright reform is necessary to provide a foundation for new business models, broaden access and encourage cultural production. Bill C-60 is NOT the gateway to this new Golden Age. The reform that is Bill C-60 is narrowing, not broadening. This bill would have introduced new forms of protection that only align with existing models of distribution, further cementing a single, traditional, perspective on digital copyright.

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