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Do their need to be provisons made for folks to update their personal information.

There was a thread on the local Linux users group about folks keeping their recorded information accessable.

One poster sugested that the modus operandi that they used was to scan every piece of paper that they found of use, and then shread the original. That they had likewise decided to make ogg or MP3 films of their old cassette tapes and throw the tape away, and likewise their old VHS home movies.

Besides the worry about keeping all those bits from bit rot, I can see where that sort of practice might make things easier to find.

BUt I wonder if they are setting themselves up for a copyright hastle? Persumably every paper not only includes the love letters that they get from thir Girl/Boy friends but also the bills that they get from folks like MasterCard and the City of Ottawa asking them to pay for their beer and the transit deficit. It would include newspaper clippings and WIRED magazine. The manual for their 2005 Chevy and their Sony radio, the menu from the Main Street Cafe, and their Kids report card.

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