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Belinda Stronach and Patents

The following is a letter I wrote to Ms. Stronach in response to words she uttered in Parliament regarding technology and patents.

Dear Ms. Stronach,

I am a member of your constituency and an Ontario licensed Professional Engineer. I am currently working at developing new high technology products. Your following words from Hansard on October 25 were recently brought to my attention.

“Mr. Speaker, last week, the World Intellectual Property Organization released its annual report containing a bleak measure of Canada's international competitiveness.

Patents show our strength at turning our research and development into commercial success and indicate where the new jobs will come from.

Globe and Mail on Kazaa vs. RIAA

Today's Globe and Mail editorial offered up its own comments on the Kazaa vs. RIAA settlement last week, and offered the following conclusion

"Whatever the mix of benefit and injury, if copyright is to mean anything, it should be enforceable on the copyright holder's terms. It's good to see another Wild West renegade acknowledge that."

Unfortunatly that argument wins frequently with more than just copyright. It results in daycares being sued for painting pictures of Mickey Mouse, or companies with domain names like volvo-tuning.com which specialize in Volvos losing their domain because Volvo asserts its trademark "rights". Books, films and music get routinely suppressed, all in the name of Intellectual Property.

The muddy waters of copyright

Following is a letter I sent to Peter Scowen, editor of the Ideas section of the Toronto Star. This is in reply to an editorial he penned on 22 Jan 2006

Peter Scowen
Ideas editor
The Toronto Star
Fax: 416-865-3593

RE: It's a grey world — online and in Parliament

Dear Mr. Scowen,

Oh where to begin trying to debunk your editorial. Let me focus on only a few.

First, Graham Henderson's numbers for lost sales. It is not simply a matter of the CRIA overstating the figures, it is the total misrepresentation of the figures.

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